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1/22/24 : High Performance Camp - Day Eleven

Camp Activities :

Pitchers Gunner Mayer, Jean Cabrera, George Klassen, Jake Eddington, Brandon Beckel, Casey Steward, Cam Brown, Ethan Chenault, Wen Hui Pan and Alex Rao each threw nine square sessions (pitching to a target net with nine distinctive boxes established by pockets on the net).  The pitchers work on various things in this training exercise, strike throwing via target focus, movement of pitches and delivery refinement - thanks to Pitching Coordinator Travis Hergert for the explanation of the aspects of the practice drill.  Pitchers not scheduled for specific throwing sessions continued with throw and catch sessions in the outfield on Ashburn field, some participated in practicing pickoffs and throws to bases as well.

Position players did defensive drills on Carlton Field.  Today more throwing was incorporated than the prior couple of weeks, specifically throwing to bases.  All did their offensive skill work in the cages inside the Montgomery Training Center.

All players in camp continued their strength and conditioning work.

Major Leaguer in house :

RHP Orion Kerkering was here today, he was having a catch on Ashburn field.

Video and Technology :

Every element of the player development process is an important part of the equation.  Ben Werthan is the Phillies Director of Baseball Development which is the group focused on delivering ongoing internal data, video and analysis to the process.  It’s a vital piece of the puzzle providing essential information to support and enhance on field performance.  The data capture of velocity, spin, ball movement, physical effort, etc. when coupled with photos and videos enable coaches to pinpoint areas of development and players to focus on areas of  improvement.

Each day I watch the baseball work at the complex there are always cameras and equipment set up to coincide with and capture the baseball activity.  I’d like to highlight four members of the Player Development Department who are working the current High Performance Camp and will continue to capture and provide key information to the process throughout the season.

There are two Minor League Video and Technology Coordinators - Thomas Knauss has been with the organization since March of 2021 beginning as a Player Development Associate with Reading. He became the Assistant Video Coordinator in November of 2021 and Coordinator in November of 2023.  Tom holds a  Bachelors of Science degree in sports management from the University of Minnesota where he also served as the head baseball student manager.  Candra Pepper joined the organization in December of 2022, she previously served as a development intern with the Seattle Mariners, before that as an associate in major league advance scouting with the Detroit Tigers.  Candra has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Sam Klein joined the Phillies organization in May of 2023 as a Video Technology and Baseball Operations Associate, he graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington with a Bachelors of Science degree in sports marketing and management.  Prior to joining the Phillies Sam worked for Liberty Bell Athletics and was also the student manager for the Indiana University baseball team. Jisolu Awe was hired as a Research and Information Associate in December of 2023 after working as an Associate Analyst with the San Francisco Giants organization for the previous nineteen months.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in applied data science from Penn State University where she was the co-director of analytics for Penn State baseball during her time there.

Perhaps ya won’t find these folks on baseball cards (yet) but they certainly are budding stars in their own right.  Kudos to their continuing efforts to protect the standard of excellence the Phillies pursue.  Good stuff!

Bridge Repairs :

Work started this morning on the Old Coachman road bridge adjacent to Carpenter Complex.  The roadway in that direction will be closed indefinitely.  In order to get to the complex you will have to travel on Drew Street and turn onto Old Coachman - it’s a bit of an inconvenience but hopefully when the work is completed the bend will be straighter and wider by Northeast Coachman Park.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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