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1/3/2021 : “Life in The Minors” book coming this spring !

The Fifth Annual Phillies Minor League Digest ... this one a historical edition that details the Phillies Minor Leagues from the first affiliate in Hazelton, PA to the current structure. The book includes multiple interviews with Phillies standouts and legends about their times in the minors. Included are memories from Dick Allen, Charlie Manuel, Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Wine, Roly de Armas, Mike Schmidt, Bob Boone, Dickie Noles, Larry Bowa, Bobby Wine, Frank Copenbarger, Pat Gillick, Larry Anderson, Rick Wise, Mickey Morandini, Adam Haseley, etc. plus multiple current Phillies minor leaguers.

Phillies legend Larry Shenk is the co-author of the book and broadcaster Tom McCarthy wrote a very thoughtful and interesting foreword based upon his own experiences in the minor leagues ! It’s also filled with great photos from various sources of ballparks, players and fun times at the ballparks.

This is a one of a kind book ... I know of no other manuscript that details the Phillies minor leagues with an account of every city and affiliation that occurred along with chapters on spring training, fall instructs and long time managers and coaches. It’s truly both a great read and a historical collectors piece.

To be released during Spring Training whenever that occurs ... stay tuned 🤓

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