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1/9/23 : High Performance Camp

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The last of three off season “High Performance” camps kicked off the 2023 pre-season today as thirty or so minor league players took to the fields and weight rooms at Carpenter Complex for continued strength and conditioning training as well as individualized baseball instruction. The camp will lead up to minor league mini-camp in February which will run alongside major league training camp.  The remaining contingent of minor leaguers will arrive near the beginning of March for the full blown minor league spring training.  In addition players resuming rehab assignments will arrive over the course of time, many are already here.

The mitts were popping on Carlton Field when we arrived this morning as players warmed up.  Later we saw outfielders practicing fly balls with Coach Andy Abad and infielders taking grounders off the bat from coaches Keith Werman, Shawn Williams & Kevin Bradshaw. Pitchers later worked in the initial PFP’s ( Pitching Fielding Practice ) of the year under the direction of Pitching Coordinator Travis Hergert.

Got our first glimpse of infielders William Bergolla & Aroon Escobar during infield drills - Escobar worked at third base while Bergolla took grounders at both second base and shortstop.  Both young men seem well schooled.  Outfielder Jerffson Pena is one to keep on the radar - well built and I’m told has multiple baseball skills to climb the ladder.  Might be my eyes but it sure looked like outfielder Justin Crawford got a couple inches taller than last we saw him 🤓.   

We met new Minor League Hitting Coordinator Luke Murton and waved hello to Player Development Director Preston Mattingly.  Got to chat a bit with Jake Primac ( Assistant - Player Development ) as well as multiple players as they made their way to the clubhouse.  Felt really good to be back out watching baseball once again - it’s just drills but for a baseball rat like myself it’s good stuff 😎.

Included in this version of High Performance training are eight players who played in the 2022 Dominican Summer League - Nolan Beltran ( IF ) , William Bergolla ( IF ), Aroon Escobar ( IF ), Manolfi Jimenez ( OF ) , Angel Mata ( C ), Jerffson Pena ( OF ), Enrique Segura ( RHP ) & Juan Villavicencio ( IF ) are all here for the three/four week camp.  Pitchers Andrew Baker, Jean Cabrera, Jaydenn Estanista, Tristan Garnett, Mavis Graves, Estibenzon Jimenez, Orion Kerkering, Tommy McCollum, Alex McFarlane, Jose Peña & Billy Sullivan are here participating.   Outfielders Justin Crawford, Carlos De La Cruz, Cade Fergus, Leandro Pineda & Baron Radcliff are in camp as are infielders Hao Yu Lee, Casey Martin, Bryan Rincon & Kendall Simmons. Catchers Jordan Dissin & Gus Sosa round out the current HP camp participants.

P.S. we saw JT Realmuto on Ashburn Field having a catch with Coach Greg Brodzinski - our first big leaguer sighting of the season 👀.

Back at em tomorrow - below are a few photos from today.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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