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10/13/23 : High Performance Camp

Last year the Phillies Player Development department held their initial off-season camps where strength and conditioning along with speed and agility were holistically prioritized.  It was a very successful endeavor as it set the stage and expectations for the continuation of work by the players afterwards at their home bases prior to returning for spring training.  The camps are entitled “High Performance Camps” as they are focused on getting players in the proper mind and body to play baseball at their highest level.  Baseball instruction and practice is not part of the five week camp but group bonding is still an important element that implements/enhances the building of team spirit and trust.  With that in mind there are even a few weekend events planned for the group.

This year there are concurrent camps scheduled for both the training center in Clearwater and the Dominican Academy.  High Performance Camp One began on October 9th and will run thru November 16th.  High Performance Camp Two will run from January 8th to February 9th leading into spring training.

There are forty-one players attending the Clearwater version of HP Camp One.  Included are players from last year’s FCL roster thru AA level Reading. There are forty players attending the Dominican High Performance Camp One.

We watched a couple workouts this week, each day includes a weight room lifting session along with outdoor sessions focused on speed/power or agility/conditioning.  The speed and power drills include use of weighted medicine balls that the players toss back and forth, swinging PVC poles for resistance and running drills involving different movements such as jumping and leg kicks. The agility/conditioning drills involve running and sprints as well as using the PVC poles on the shoulders while running to incorporate balance.  It’s a baseball boot camp to build strength, endurance and muscle toning.

Fun Fact : the workout shirts the players are wearing say “Phillies Day Care” on the front 🤓.

Today I got to chat with multiple players and coaches as they moved from one drill to another, always a privilege to converse with the folks and offer support for their endeavors.  I told them I came to watch so that I can claim I also got my conditioning work in 🤓.

Here’s a list of the players in attendance at each camp.

Clearwater High Performance Camp :

Pitchers :

Sam Aldegheri

Brandon Beckel

Cam Brown

Jean Cabrera

Ethan Chenault

Jake Eddington

Jayden Estanista

Marty Gair

Tristan Garnett

Mavis Graves

Esteban Jimenez

George Klassen

Tommy McCollum

Wesley Moore

Micah Ottenbreit

Wen-Hui Pan

Luke Russo

Enrique Segura

Casey Steward

Saul Teran

Andrew Walling

Catchers :

Jordan Dissin

Kehden Hettiger

Jared Thomas

Infielders :

Keaton Anthony

Zach Arnold

William Bergolla

Aidan Miller

Nikau Pouaka-Grego

Felix Reyes

Bryan Rincon

Devin Saltiban

Bryson Ware

Outfielders :

Emaarion Boyd

Raylin Heredia

Marcus Lee Sang

Avery Owusu-Asiedu

Leandro Pineda

Ricardo Rosario

Jordan Viars

TJayy Walton

Dominican High Performance Camp :

Pitchers :

Juan Amarante

Luis Avila

Wilmer Blanco

Alexis De La Cruz

Alexander De Los Santos

Josbel Garcia

Claudio Gatier

Jeffrey German

Luis Gonzalez

Jonh Henriquez

Joel Heredia

Maxwell Hernandez

Enderson Jean

Naoel Mejia

Brad Pacheco

Adilson Peralta

Danyony Pulido

Eduardo Robles

Raymon Rosario

John Sosa

Ezequiel Ventura

Catchers :

Yhoan Escalona

Alirio Ferrebus

Angel Mata

Guillermo Rosario

Eduardo Tait

Infielders :

Nolan Beltran

Aroon Escobar

Diego Gonzalez

Renair Manrique

Jarol Martinez

Yemil Rosario

Marco Soto

Outfielders :

Jaeden Calderon

Victor Cardoza

Leny Carela

Manolfi Jimenez

Jose Marchan

Jerffson Peña

Isaac Ramirez

Santiago Torres

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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