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10/29/2020 : MLB issues new Minor League facility standards

JJ Copper of Baseball America just issued a new report which lays out the new Minor League standards.

Here are the highlights :

“Under MLB’s proposed revisions, MiLB clubhouses will get bigger—in MLB’s initial proposal both home and visitor’s clubhouses are supposed to be 1,000 square feet or larger.

Food preparation and eating areas will become a requirement for both home and visiting teams. For the first time, teams will be required to provide locker rooms for female staffers. Teams would be required to have weight rooms.

Training room requirements will be expanded and teams must provide year-round lockable storage for MLB teams.

The batter’s-eye dimensions in center field have also been expanded. Teams will now be required to have two all-weather hitting and pitching tunnels with power outlets and available Wi-Fi for training.

MLB’s proposal brought all MiLB teams to the lighting standards—100-foot candles of lighting on the infield and 70-foot candles in the outfield—that had previously been the Double-A and Triple-A requirement.

For facilities in need of significant lighting upgrades, LED lights will be required. A team that can meet the lighting standard without significant upgrades can continue to use incandescent lights.

Under MLB’s proposal, MiLB facilities will be docked points for each standard that it fails to meet. Violations will range from 1-10 points per standard missed. Teams will have time to rectify these issues, but if they remain above the maximum points allowed—which is expected to be 15 points—beyond that timeframe, their professional development licenses could be put at risk.”

Just an FYI for those who follow the minor leagues.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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