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10/29/22 : Good Stuff

Just a few notes and observances from last evening’s 6-5 come from behind win by the Phillies :

The look of self confidence and “I’m gonna get a hit” nature in Alec Bohm’s eyes when he came to plate with two runners on and delivered a double against Justin Verlander.  It’s great to see how he’s grown from the young fella who hardly looked up in his introductory press conference after being drafted to the young man who’s a media quotation “go to “today who exudes confidence both on and off the field - good stuff.

Felt good for old friend Hector Neris that he came in and got out of a bases loaded jam for the Astros - told my wife that the Phillies would just have to win it another way and they did.  Hector is a good dude who took a lot of verbal abuse here in Philly but yet was and is always smiling - I pull for him - maybe later in the series in another situation that changes but not for now.

Nick Castellanos is far from a great fielder but the balls he’s able to get to with proper positioning ( and yes that comes from the analytics group ) he usually catches if he is able to get his glove on them.  Many are heralding his game saving catch in the ninth inning and it’s deservedly so he should get props but folks should know that’s also a behind the scenes high five as well for putting him in the spot to be able to get there - good stuff all around 🤓.

Back to Alec Bohm - he made two standout plays at third base last evening and that’s a testament to his work ethic ( since day one of his arrival we’ve noted the hours he put in at the complex - including off season efforts when no one was watching ) and coaching.  Bobby Dickerson works with his infielders daily and is a tough love type of coach - that doesn’t work for everyone but for Alec and this group he’s become quite the mentor they needed - just another of the behind the scenes notations that sometimes go unnoticed.  I see coaching and learning efforts each and every day I’m at the complex of multiple coaches and players - the rewards are when players like Alec are able to make plays like he did last evening.

A statistical note  👀

The Phillies became only the sixth team in World Series history to overcome a 5-run lead or greater and win.  The largest deficit was accomplished by the Philadelphia A's when they trailed the Chicago Cubs, 8-0, in Game 4 of the 1929 World Series, and won 10-8. - Bob Nightengale

That’s some good karma there eh - from one Philly team to another 🤓

Some Minor League notes while I’m at it :

High Performance Camp finished yesterday at Carpenter Complex.  Multiple players and coaches came dressed in full Halloween attire - many of the coaches stayed in costume even during the practices 😎.   Two pitchers threw what will be the last live BP’s of the year - Eduar Segovia continued to shine and Spencer Van Scoyoc finished strong.  Both look forward to next spring.  One more note on a hitter - Gabriel Rincones can swing the bat - good looking left handed hitter - drove a couple in the live BP session - one to keep an eye on 👀.

The rehab players will stay in Clearwater for a few more weeks continuing to build strength - in addition a dozen or so players will return in a week to the complex as well to continue strength and conditioning work.  The collective group will be at the complex till a bit before Thanksgiving week and then the complex will be relatively quiet till January.

I think it’s cool that the organization gave each full time employee the offer of two tickets to each of the games in either Houston or Philadelphia.  The employees were also provided airfare and I believe lodging.  I saw a few of the coaches from the Dominican Academy in the stands in Houston.  Also the “stay ready” players who were working at Clearwater got to go - saw Rafael Marchan in uniform in the dugout during the game as part of the taxi squad.

As an outsider looking in I appreciate the team spirit and inclusive nature of the organization - won’t ever be part of that but it’s cool to see how the club takes care of their employees - that’s true team camaraderie.

Three more wins for a parade - never a doubt is a phrase I’ve been posting on my Phillies Facebook page after every win this post season - those three words have gotten more responses than most of the articles I’ve written the past six years 😂.  It’s cool to see how a winning team can spark the interest of a much broader audience - that’s good stuff

When the Phillies win the World Series I vow to put down my amateur writing pad - can’t end it any better way than going out on top - while there are plenty of more minor leaguers coming and notes to share I will leave that to the professionals to chronicle the development news if the boys come thru with a WS title and I think they will - it’s a fitting conclusion to a storybook tale - just like the 2022 Phillies.

That’s good stuff 😎

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Last live BP of the Complex season

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