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10/6/2020 : Today at Fall Instructs

Spent a couple hours today outside the fences at the Complex peering in to see some fall instructs baseball. Infielders took grounders and worked on agility drills with coach Malloy ( arm in a sling but still out there teaching 👍) , pitchers went thru the paces of PFP’s with various pitching coaches, catchers did their throwing and blocking drills with Coach Whitt and outfielders worked on fly balls with coach Abad.

My cohorts, Jim Peyton of Phuture Phillies and our camera man Mark Wylie walked the outfield boundaries to observe as best we could ... some of the fellas look as if they’ve put on some Covid weight like I have during the down time 😳... nothing a few good workouts won’t take care of 😄...

Jose Cedeno is a name to keep track of ... the young outfielder ( 19 yrs old ) has an athletic frame and size ( 6’2” ) and seems to have good speed to boot ... he’s been working with coach Abad on tracking balls, in particular footwork. Today he was paired with Matt Vierling during outfield drills ... Matt is a very good defensive outfielder from my observations. Jose is a left handed hitter and thrower ... he’s struggled to date to make consistent contact in his brief career but the tools seem to be there ... hopefully just a matter of refinement.

One thing that stands out about the new group of drafted and free agent pitchers in camp we’ve noticed is size ... they are all over six feet in height and a few are 6’5” or taller ... from what I’ve read many in the group have high velocity skills ... if so, could be an intimidating combination with their physical prowess 😯

A camp roster hasn’t been released publicly that I’m aware of but there are 58 players invited ( they may not all be here at the same time ) ...

Stay safe and healthy ...

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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