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10/6/22 : Why Not Us

On multiple occasions I  played in baseball tournaments during my younger years - even experienced winning national tourney titles on three occasions.  The teams I organized and pitched for were never the most talented and were proof that  it’s not the most talented team that necessarily wins.  Those with a belief in themselves and an attitude that they can succeed do often prevail.  It’s a “Why not Us” mantra that ignites the engine which in turn pushes the drive.  You have to believe you can to succeed.

We can look at all the statistics, matchups, trends, win/loss records, etc. ad nauseam but we can’t measure heart, circumstances and baseball god “mojo”.  We can however choose to believe in the positive - to envision success even if the data indicates otherwise.

When the Eagles won the Super Bowl a few years back with their backup QB at the helm it defied the predicable outcome but the next man up mentality and self belief prevailed.  This year’s Phillies club lost significant time of star players due to injuries - players from a minor league system often dismissed as capable of providing successful replacements did just that and embraced the same next man up mentality and self belief.

From my perspective the Cardinals, Braves and likely the Dodgers are very beatable in the playoff path to the 2022 World Series.  I also believe that the Phillies believe that to be true as well and that they are the club to do it.  It’s the first step in a tournament battle to achieve the goal.

So from this fan’s view I’m all in with them - one game at a time with the ultimate vision of being one of the two teams in the final series of the season.  Why not us ?

In 2008 I wrote a book entitled  “The Poetic Season” - it was a recap of every game and transaction of the championship season written in bad rhyme 🤓 - obviously a best seller !  Well what worked once can work again - here’s a bad poem to kick off the 2022 title chase ⚾️

Eleven years the team did wait

For the next playoff date

When Ryan fell and Doc lost

No one knew what that would cost

296 players came to follow

All left without October hallow

It took five managers & three GM’s

To find a group to seek playoff wins

Aaron, Jose and Zach stood tall

And Kyle and Bryson crushed the ball

A playoff berth with a Day Care shine

Eleven years happily left behind

The Cardinals first up in the way

In St Louis the boys will play

It’s October baseball yet once more

And the Phillies are thru the door

Don’t count them out, don’t lose faith

They are ready for the playoff race

The time is now, no more wait

Why not us for a winning fate !

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

By the way if interested in seeing that 2008 book here’s a link -

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