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11/6/2020 : Profiling Rodolfo Sanchez

The Phillies acquired 20 year old RHP Rodolfo Sanchez ( 5’10” 165 ) as the player to be named later in the Edgar Garcia deal made earlier this year.

He’s 20 years old and is from Bani, a small town in the Dominican Republic. He was signed by the Rays in 2016 as a 16 year old. He played stateside in the Rays system in his second pro season and started 13 games in the New York Penn League in 2019 ( his third season ) as the youngest member of the Hudson Valley Renegades ( the Rays affiliate in the NYPL).

The scouting report :

Fastball : sits in the 93-94 range ... flashes 95

Movement : arm side run

Curveball : sits 81-83 range with glove side run and solid vertical break

Needs to work on control and command of both pitches.

Cutter : sits in the 94-95 range ... lacks movement though and flattens out

Needs to work gaining movement and break.

Change Up : sits 80-82 range

Lacks movement and command ... runs arm side ... needs to work hard on development

Overview :

Decent mechanics with a high IQ for the game. Generates a lot of soft contact.

Needs to refine command and control and develop a strikeout pitch with the curve ball being the most likely pitch in that regard. Gives the Phillies another starter in the system to refine and develop with a decent amount of upside given his age, baseball acumen and tools.

I look forward to meeting and greeting the young man to welcome him to the Phillies from a fan’s view !

Source of intel : Prospects-Live

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