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12/14/2020 : The Vaccine

Off topic from my usual baseball correspondence ... here is a note one of my former supervisors at Pfizer wrote on his Facebook page. He’s a very conservative fellow, it’s a bit surprising he wrote this but it’s also telling about the confidence we have in our former company and colleagues there.

“Some of you know I spent most of my professional life with Pfizer(28 years). It is company committed to science and curing the world’s ills. I spent a good part of my career working with the greatest scientists on the globe supplying financial support. I urge all of you and your families to get vaccinated as soon as it becomes available. I am so sure of its safety and effectiveness I signed onto the clinical trial the moment it came to Memphis. I received my second shot back on September 20th. As much as I would love all of you to get the Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, scheduled to be approved this week, utilizes the same messenger RNA technology and is equally effective. Take which ever one becomes first available in your area.

To those of you who know persons of the anti-vaccine persuasion, I offer them the wisdom of my late Uncle Sonny .....”no sense being stupid if you’re not gonna show it”.


I spent 32 years of my life working in the Pharmaceutical business, first with Wyeth and then Pfizer after they acquired Wyeth. Just thought I’d share this note with folks who might have doubts about the COVID vaccine.

Today Sandra Lindsey, an ICU nurse in New York became the first to receive the FDA approved drug. I believe that was one small shot for a woman but also one giant injection for human kind !

Happy Day, Happy Health, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Sandra Lindsey

Sandra Lindsey

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