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12/3/23 : Winter Meetings

Each year the thirty major league organizations gather for three to four days of meetings, announcements and even job fairs for those seeking a way into professional baseball.  For the next four days what’s known as the pinnacle gathering of the “hot stove” season will keep baseball folks and fans intrigued as to the potential additions and subtractions to the 2024 rosters of each club and for those that come to fruition.  Behind the scenes vendors will exhibit their wares and capabilities to minor league club representatives in hopes of gaining support and supply contracts.  Clubs will also conduct interviews for internships and other roles for the upcoming year.  Even old ball writers sometimes warrant consideration from various organizations 🤓.

The Phillies contingent will focus both on targets and “opportunities” that may arise this week.  Nothing happens by coincidence as trades and acquisitions normally take multiple discussions before they occur. But sometimes when two other clubs are at a stalemate in their reported negotiations the “opportunity” arises where a player who was seemingly not on the immediate radar may be within reach.  It’s at least worth the conversation to ascertain if you can become the infamous “mystery team” and consummate a deal.   It’s my belief that the club is always open to such “opportunities”.

The team culture of a continuing pursuit of winning not just one but multiple World Series is genuine.  The “Protect the Standard” mantra with the four pillars of respect, preparation, how to play and how to compete is embedded in player development throughout the organization and accountability to the standards is both expected and upheld.  Any addition will be made in the mindset of having the discipline to uphold the values and the resilience to overcome obstacles to achieve competitive greatness.  It’s a culture that spills over into fan support as well, an expectation.

So we will watch and listen as the week unfolds before us, best wishes to the Phillies leadership and crew to achieve their pursuits or at the least provision the path to do so in the future.  It’s the Winter Meetings - let the hot stove cook!

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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