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12/7/21 : Today at the Complex

There’s only so much Yellowstone TV shows one can binge watch so today we ventured over to the complex to take a look around. We knew that some minor league players are in town for the annual off season strength and conditioning mini camp, thought we’d take a look to see them running thru drills a bit. We saw about a dozen or so players going thru drills in the outfield on Schmidt Field.

The off-season is also a time for field and stadium maintenance. The Bowa half field has been resurfaced, artificial turf has been installed in the bullpen mound area, even where the catchers set up. That’s akin to how the Complex mounds were re-done a couple years back. The half field remains a natural grass surface.

The tents that were put up this past season within the Complex for Covid spacing are now gone. Hopefully that’s a good sign that we are approaching normalcy once again this coming spring. A fresh pile of top dirt awaits to be spread onto the Ashburn infield ( photo attached - I always write about the dirt 🤓 ). If you enlarge the photo you’ll see some rather large animal tracks around the outskirts of the pile, glad I wasn’t around taking my photo when whatever made those tracks was there 🤔😳.

The 2022 spring training schedule is up on the left entryway wall at BayCare Ballpark, hopefully that’s not interrupted and happens as planned.

Was really cool of Preston Mattingly to stop and say hello today on his way out of the complex. Our first impressions are that he sincerely loves the game and is excited about the opportunity he’s been granted. It was evident in his voice. I’m a big believer in positive thoughts and energy and look forward to seeing how the development plans come to fruition. Learn from yesterday, be better today and impact tomorrow - that’s progression 💪🤓.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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