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12/9/21 : Minor League Strength & Conditioning Mini Camp

For the past couple of weeks at the Complex and within BayCare Ballpark a few of the Phillies minor leaguers have participated in a strength and conditioning mini camp. Off season work has a heavy emphasis on building stamina and strength to withstand the physical pounding that the coming long baseball season entails.

Every player goes thru an off-season regiment of training on their own at home but the team also sets both criteria and expectations for each. The annual December mini camp is primarily focused on newer players in the system along with those working back from injuries.

Infielder Daniel Brito isn’t at the mini camp but he’s posted some recent photos on social media that reflect he’s doing very well. He’s out and about and has even participated in a few soft toss baseball drills as part of his rehab. It’s great news for the very likable and energetic young man as he continues his progression towards what’s hopefully a full recovery ! I asked for and was given his permission to share that information with you all. Sending out positive thoughts his way. 👍💪

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Daniel Brito - soft toss fielding drill

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