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2/11/23 : Next week at the Complex

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The minor league rehab group was given the day off today - minor league mini camp begins on Wednesday, the 15th - travel day for players not already here is Monday and physicals are scheduled for Tuesday.   There are 62 players participating in minor league  mini camp to begin with - more will be filtered in over the next couple of weeks as we draw closer to the official minor league spring training in early March.  In addition there are players here who will continue to work as part of the rehab group.

The complex was closed to the public today as it will be tomorrow - will re-open on Monday.

The first official workout for major league pitchers and catchers is Thursday, the 16th with the first official full squad workouts slated for February 21st.  The first Grapefruit League games are scheduled for Saturday, February 25th.  Position players participating in the World Baseball Classic on the major league roster will be in camp this coming week as well.

If coming to the complex for autographs please be mindful of others and realize that the player’s workouts are their primary concern - they won’t be able to sign autographs while in the midst of practice sessions and asking them to do so will not bring them over.  Most are cordial and will sign as many autographs as they can after the practice sessions conclude.  There are usually gatherings of autograph seekers when the players do commit to signing - don’t push or be rude else it’s very likely you will be asked to leave - watching practices at the complex can be a fun time for all if everyone is cognizant of the rules and kind towards others - It’s that simple.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Listed below is the Minor League mini camp initial roster.

Minor League Mini Camp Roster : 62

Pitchers :  35

LH’ers - Erubiel Armenta, Tristan Garnett, Mavis Graves, Jakob Hernandez, Taylor Lehman, Ethan Lindow, Brian Marconi & Jordi Martinez

RH’ers - Mike Adams, Josh Bortka, Jean Cabrera, Eiberson Castellano, Trey Cobb, Jesus Cruz, Jaydenn Estanista, Cristian Hernandez, Estibenzon Jimenez, Orion Kerkering, Adam Leverett, Zach Linginfelter, Gunner Mayer, Tommy McCollum, Alex McFarlane, Tyler McKay, Jose Pena, Nicoly Pina, Yoniel Ramirez, Alex Rao, Matt Russell, Rodolfo Sanchez, Andrew Schultz, Matt Seelinger, Enrique Segura, Noah Skirrow & Braden Zarbnisky

Catchers : 8

Jordan Dissin, Herbert Iser, Ryan Leitch, Rickardo Perez, Anthony Quirion, Caleb Ricketts, Cody Roberts & Gus Sosa

Infielders : 9

Erick Brito, Cameron Cannon,  Chad Castillo, Hao-Yu Lee, Casey Martin, Pedro Martinez, Wendell Rijo, Bryan Rincon & Kendall Simmons

Outfielders : 10

Emaarion Boyd, Justin Crawford, Carlos De La Cruz, Cade Fergus, Marcus Lee Sang,  Leandro Pineda, Baron Radcliff, Gavin Tonkel, Garrett Whitley & Ethan Wilson

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Connor Brogdon bullpen session yesterday - Gus Sosa catching

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