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2/19/2021 : ST - Day Three

Joe Girardi and Zach Eflin were on the two media Zoom calls today after practice. Here are the highlights :

  • regarding the thought of a possible six man rotation, Joe Girardi said that plans are to start with a five man rotation. The schedule may come to dictate spots for a six man usage but they will address that as it comes.

  • Joe said he thinks Zach Eflin gives the team three “# 1’s” at the top of the rotation ... like having a 1A, 1B and 1C group when coupled with Aaron Nola and Zach Wheeler.

  • Joe said MLB wants more action and less “dead time” between pitches. He said the Phillies won’t go out of their normal way to dictate more action but it’s certainly possible the team may run more.

  • the fourth and fifth spots in the rotation are up for grabs between Moore, Anderson, Howard and Velasquez.

  • there are five players who haven’t arrived due to Visa issues. Ranger Suarez is one of those delayed and probably will not have time to stretch out as a starter. He will therefore most likely compete for a bullpen role.

  • Charlie Manuel and Larry Bowa are both in camp, they will be the only guest instructors this year due to Covid restrictions.

  • during Zach Eflin’s conference he said he views himself as a top of the rotation type pitcher and it’s a goal of his to earn the job to pitch in key games.

  • Zach said that while staying healthy is his main spring training goal that he also prepares each spring as if nothing is given, he’s competing as if he has to earn a spot on the team.

  • Eflin said he worked this off-season on his changeup and slider. He feels confident in all his pitches. Specifically on his changeup he’s focused on being repetitive in his delivery and getting better extension on the pitch. He said he started throwing a month earlier this year. He threw nine bullpens before coming to ST this year, last year he said that was about four or five sessions.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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