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2/2/23 :  Today at the Complex

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

It’s been a minute ( actually 14,440 of them or in higher scale terms - 10 days ) since I’ve been at the complex.  The day after watching the Phantasy Camp Championship game I tested positive for Covid - over the last 14,440 minutes we’ve encountered perhaps the worst cold symptoms ever experienced in our lives.  Can’t imagine the agony folks previously went thru with more hellacious impacts of Covid - yet it is definitely still out there and I can attest is still no joke.   That being said we’ve now tested negative and have made a safe return to watch baseball at the complex.  Will be keeping my distance and put up the guard on handshakes once again but am at the least off the IL 🤓.

I didn’t get there in time today to witness any of the practice action but was told by others that JT Realmuto took BP and was impressive.  He’s been in Clearwater for awhile now - others on the 40 man roster who are already working at the complex that I am aware of include Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler, James McArthur, Simon Muzziotti & Nick Nelson.

Nola & Segura :

Aaron Nola & Enrique Segura threw side by side bullpen sessions on the mounds between Ashburn and Schmidt fields.  Our friend Michael Yates was able to take video of each - compare and contrast the deliveries - it’s easy to see why the 18 year old Segura is referred to as “Little Nola”.   According to Mike both hurlers looked very sharp in their sessions.

Other Notes :

We posted the full listing of the minor league player development staff the other day - I think it’s great that the Phillies have hired their first female coach - Hitting Development Coach Sarah Edwards.  The Phillies continue to show a progressive approach to breaking thru the “Old Boy Network” of yesteryear - Sara joins other ladies in prominent roles within Player Development including Assistant Director of Player Development Dana Parks.  Diversity and inclusion is vital in all paths of life - proud to see strides continuing to be made in the organization.

Speaking of diversity I did a quick data drop of where the organization’s players are from - the results are not surprising to me and shows that the organization combs the globe to find talent : 45 % of the player base ( includes majors & minors ) is from the US, 25 % from Venezuela, 17 % from the Dominican and the remaining 12 % from other countries including Australia, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Curaçao, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Taiwan and the US territories Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.  Good stuff - Baseball is truly a global sport.

Tomorrow :

I was informed that multiple pitchers would be throwing live bullpens tomorrow morning which will be a great sight to see upon our return.  Hopefully will be able to be there in time to watch and take a few notes.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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