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2/20/2021 : Spring Training Day Four

Yogi Berra used to say “You can observe a lot just by watching” ... so today we were back at the Complex to observe the action from afar. No fans are allowed in the complex nor closer than twenty feet of the outfield fences but some of us diehards still show up with binoculars in tow and the masks in place. We know that fans back in Philly are interested so we strive to deliver 🤓.

Today’s session began with Catcher’s batting practice. Knapp, Marchan and Mathis hit on Ashburn Field while O’Hoppe, Cabral and Duran hit on Roberts Field. We took the long walk around the back of the complex and set up our observation stands behind center field on Roberts alongside the Ream Wilson Trail.

All three young receivers that we watched ( O’Hoppe, Cabral and Duran ) hit the ball well, each sailed a few over the left field fence. Edgar Cabral had an especially sharp session squaring up the baseball repeatedly with multiple line drives. 💪


Bullpen sessions were next on the seven mounds in front of the Montgomery Training Center. A maximum of three pitchers threw in each session so as to allow adequate spacing between them.

While it was difficult to identify all of the hurlers in each group we are sure that the following threw ... Michael Ynoa, Hector Neris, Brandon Kintzler, Ramon Rosso, Chase Anderson, Sam Coonrad, Jose Alvarado, Spencer Howard, Connor Brogdon and Jo Jo Romero.

Alvarado had a brief discussion after his session with Coach Dave Lundquist, appeared to be on extension and release point by the arm movements but when your observing by more than 400 feet away who knows 🤪.


Both during the bullpen sessions and thereafter different practices were being held on all four fields. On Schmidt Field pickoff drills continued, on both Roberts and Carlton Fields pitcher fielding practices were the focus and on Ashburn field bunting practices were being conducted. We watched for a bit before leaving for the day.

We saw Odubel Herrera up on the half field doing base running drills with we believe coach Paco Figueroa.


A fun day at the Complex ... outside looking in ... as Yogi said “You can observe a lot just by watching”

Note : Ace Photographer Mark Wylie was on hand again today ... look for stellar photos from him later on both this site and Jim Peyton’s Phuture Phillies.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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