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2/22/2021 : Today’s Zoom Sessions

Joe Girardi :

  • First impressions of the bullpen is very good. Said Sam Coonrad had an excellent bullpen the other day. He said all the new players seem to be good teammates.

  • Joe said Alec Bohm looks bigger this year physically, stronger. Hoskins is looking good, no restrictions. Kingery is leaner, maybe 12 to 15 pounds lighter than last season. McCutchen is moving well, noticeably better.

  • He said at this point he’s thinking the roster will be 13 pitchers and 13 position players. Said there’s 8 or 9 guys who haven’t started camp yet including Bryce Harper who’s just waiting for his intake test results to come back.

  • Joe said he’s very impressed with Rhys and how he’s approaching things, works hard and really wants to play, loves the game. Tremendous attitude.

Rhys Hoskins :

  • Rhys said setting goals is normal and does so. As a team the goal is to get into the playoffs and the World Series. As for now it’s one day at a time.

  • He said that no one condones what Odubel reportedly did off the field. The focus will be what Odubel does on the field and how he handles himself. Rhys said he’s spent some time with him and that he seems to be in a good place right now.

  • Rhys said he’s medically cleared to go full tilt and if he gets his reps in should be ready for opening day. Said everthing is normal strength wise and it’s just a matter of getting ready.

  • He’s the player rep and said that the DH and expanded playoffs may not be fully settled for this season but for now they are preparing as if those things will be 2022 discussions.

  • He presently feels comfortable at the plate and is trying to replicate last season but realizes that adjustments are always going to be needed.

  • Scott Kingery felt he lost mobility last season and slimmed down this off season. Looks more athletic this spring.

  • Said Alec Bohm is one of the more talented hitters he’s seen at his age, is the most advanced hitter he’s seen come thru the system as far as his approach. Super excited to have him in the lineup for a full season.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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