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2/22/22 : Phillies Minor League Staff

Lehigh Valley (AAA)

Anthony Contreras (manager)

Joe Thurston (hitting coach)

Greg Brodzinski (bench/position coach)

Cesar Ramos (pitching coach)

Bill Greenfield (development coach)

Mike Lidge (strength & conditioning coach)

Elliot Diehl (athletic trainer)

Meaghan Flaherty (assistant athletic trainer)

Reading (AA)

Shawn Williams (manager)

Tyler Henson (hitting coach)

Mycal Jones (bench/position coach)

Matt Hockenberry (pitching coach)

Bruce Peditto (strength & conditioning coach)

Andrew Dodgson (athletic trainer)

Jersey Shore (A)

Keith Werman (manager)

Ari Adut (hitting coach)

Pat Listach (bench/position coach)

Brad Bergesen (pitching coach)

Vanessa Escanilla (strength & conditioning coach)

Steve Torregrossa (athletic trainer)

Clearwater (A)

Marty Malloy (manager)

Jake Elmore (hitting coach)

Gary Cathcart (bench/position coach)

Vic Diaz (pitching coach)

Blaine Taylor (strength & conditioning coach)

Raul Pérez (athletic trainer)

Florida Complex League Phillies (R)

Chris Adamson (manager)

Roly DeArmas (manager)

Rafael DeLima (hitting coach)

Ray Ricker (bench/position coach)

Tyler Anderson (pitching coach)

Andrés Santiago (development coach)

Mark Jesse Jr. (strength & conditioning coach)

Holly Hansing (strength & conditioning coach)

Troy Hoffert (athletic trainer)

Dominican Summer League Phillies Red (R)

Nerluís Martinez (manager)

Zack Jones (DR hitting initiatives coach)

Alex Concepción (pitching coach)

Gustavo Armas (assistant pitching coach)

Waner Santana (coach)

Manuel Javier (strength & conditioning coach)

Argelis Pérez (athletic trainer)

Keita Isaji (athletic trainer)

Sintia Baez (TrackMan operator)

Dominican Summer League Phillies White (R)

Orlando Muñoz (manager/VZ camp coordinator)

Samuel Hiciano (hitting coach)

Les Straker (pitching coach)

Félix Castillo (coach)

Ervis Manzanillo (strength & conditioning coach)

José Betancourt (athletic trainer)

Coordinators, Roving & Support Staff

Kevin Bradshaw (field coordinator)

Manny Amador (coordinator, DR academy)

Travis Hergert (pitching coordinator)

Mark Lowy (pitching development analyst)

Jason Ochart (hitting coordinator)

Chris Heintz (assistant hitting coordinator)

Kevin Mahala (offensive development analyst)

Bob Stumpo (catching coordinator)

Adam Everett (infield coordinator)

Andy Abad (outfield coordinator)

Gary Cathcart (baserunning coordinator)

Alex Rodriguez (medical & athletic training coordinator)

Justin Tallard (minor league rehab coordinator)

Pat Trainor (strength & conditioning coordinator)

José Salas (assistant strength & conditioning coordinator)

Stephanie MacNeill (minor league nutrition coordinator)

Todd Dilbeck (mental performance coordinator)

Connor Carroll (video coordinator)

Thomas Knauss (assistant video coordinator)

Kiah Villamán (manager, language education & cultural assimilation)

Brittany Gooch (minor league physical therapist)

Sam Myers (medical operations liaison)

Frances Cardenas (mental performance coach)

Brea Hapken (mental performance coach)

Pat Robles (pitching strategist)

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