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2/23/2021 : Zoom Press Conference with Alec Bohm

  • Alec said he worked in the off-season building up leg strength to enable him to play 162 games.

  • his hitting approach hasn’t changed, still looks to manage at bats - take what’s given.

  • Always looking to find ways to improve he said he “chews on the ears” of veterans in the clubhouse to learn. Also said that analytics information helps him to identify his weaknesses and how opposing teams might attack him.

  • Last season he felt that the team made him feel as if he belonged from day one and credited that to being successful .

  • When asked about defensive improvements and that Larry Bowa said he’s improved leaps and bounds from his college days, he agrees with the assessment. He said the multiple repetitions in fielding taken each day has enable him to slow the game down. Note : I can attest to his work ethic - we’ve seen him repeatedly on the field here ... even in December 😎

  • Alec said that it’s a great benefit to have experienced players around him that he can ask questions to ... especially on what opposing pitchers have in their mix.

Good interview with the Philly media by the young man. Very relaxed and forthcoming. The real writers did a great job with the questions 👍

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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