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2/26/22 : Today at the Complex - Mini Camp Day Ten

First live BP sessions of the mini camp today with action on both Ashburn and Roberts Field. Another first as well this morning as RHP Albertus Barber threw off the mound in his ongoing rehab work coming back from TJ surgery. Albertus threw on the side mounds between Ashburn and Schmidt fields so our view was limited but he seemed to throw effortlessly - by our count about 20 pitches. Afterwards his teammates cheered loudly, he’s a very popular young man ! Very happy to see him progressing. Jordi Martinezthrew his third rehab bullpen session this morning as well.

Infield and outfield practice again today, also catching framing and blocking drills and then regular BP. In regular BP Catcher Micah Yonamine was crushing it according to photographer Mark Wylie. He hit at least 4 out of the park with 3 into the palm tops. 💪.

Six pitchers threw live BP in the afternoon - Kyle Dohy, Tyler Cyr and Nick Duron on Ashburn Field , Joe Gatto, Andrew Bellatti and Michael Kelly on Roberts Field.

Standout hurlers in live BP from my perspective were lefty Kyle Dohy and Nick Duron. Dohy was popping the glove at what seemed to be high velo ( I didn’t have my radar gun with me today 🤦‍♂️ ) and his changeup was as devastating as I remember getting hitters out front and lunging. Right hander Nick Duron also impressed in his session, was bringing the heat and also threw a pretty nasty slider. He was signed as a minor league free agent from the Rangers organization. Scouting reports indicate he’s capable of uppers nineties with his fastball.

Johan Rojas smoked the baseball a few times in live BP, he’s had a strong mini camp. Johan hit one off the left field wall and drove another into the left center field gap which for him with his wheels could have been a triple. Darick Hall lined a gapper in his session and also drove one deep to right center field. Ethan Wilson lined a ball sharply to left field for a hit.

We made a few new friends today, met fellow fans Jack and Sue from Glenn Mills for the first time, they are here vacationing - disappointed that they won’t be able to see any games as they head home on Sunday but happy to see some baseball action today. We also had the pleasure of meeting LHP Brian Marconi’s parents Dennis and Cathy - they are down visiting as well and plan on coming back in March to see Brian in game action. It’s great to make new acquaintances - some days I feel invisible at the complex, days like today I have extra pep in my step when I get to meet new folks. Makes writing and promoting the minor league organization feel worthwhile when folks indicate that they appreciate it. Many thanks for those that do.

Mini camp resumes tomorrow - more live BP sessions on tap. We will be back out to watch and write as best we can from a fan’s view !

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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