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2/3/2021 : News and Notes

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Spring Training :

Big league camp is moving forward as scheduled despite advisory to delay from government agencies ... Phillies pitchers and catchers are due to report on 2/17. The equipment trucks are scheduled to depart CBP on 2/8 and arrive for unloading at Spectrum Field on 2/11. This year stockpiles of masks and hand sanitizer are included in the trailers.

Do not expect that this camp will be “normal” in any regard. There will most assuredly be no fan admittance for the Phillies workouts prior to games starting at either Carpenter Complex or within Spectrum Field. I would advise not to bother coming to the area with that expectation else you will be disappointed. I would advise to not come to the Complex at all.

It’s still being determined if fans will be permitted to watch Grapefruit League games once they begin at Spectrum Field. At present there are 17 games scheduled. If attendance is allowed tickets will be sold in limited quantities, likely about 2,000 or so ... spring training season ticket holders will be given the first opportunities to purchase tickets with the general public enabled thereafter.

Albeit final health and safety protocols are still being discussed the following protocols or similar ones are expected to be in place :

Seats will be sold in “Pods” as groups and will be distanced six feet apart.

Spacing will be enforced by markers, barricades and stadium ushers.

Fans must wear masks at all times, except when eating or drinking in their seats.

Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the stadium.

Bathrooms will have no-touch faucets, soap and towel dispensers. The ballpark also will undergo weekly deep cleanings.

Autographs will not be permitted due to safety protocols.


The Spring Training Roster :

Limitations are in place on roster sizes so that the players can dress, workout and play with advised safe spacing and separation. The limits likely include players who have already arrived in Clearwater on rehab assignment work to recover from injuries.

It’s my belief that 75 is the maximum roster allowance so that players can be spread out accordingly utilizing both the stadium and complex grounds. The setup is likely to be akin to what the club did during fall instructs. Again ... the complex under these types of training conditions is closed to the public .. only the players, coaches and team personnel will be allowed within the gates.

I have a good guess on which players have been extended big league camp invitations ... my list is inclusive of the 40 man roster and presently amounts to 57. I won’t list the names until the Phillies release them on their own accord.


Minor League Camp and Season :

Final determination has not been made as to when either minor league camp or the various minor league seasons will begin. It was expected that the AAA level of play would begin earlier than the lower levels.

On a zoom call today Mr Dombrowski stated that if the AAA season cannot start aligned to the big league schedule that the AAA sites will likely open instead as “alternate” camps like they did last summer. AAA locations have planned to accommodate as such.

The lower level minor leagues will begin their spring training camps at the Complex after big league spring training concludes. Their seasons will be scheduled to accommodate the delayed spring training camps.


All of the above intel is of course unofficial and very subject to change ... I’d count on that to say the least ... gotta be flexible in a Covid world 🤓

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Source of information : Marc Topkin 2/6 article in Tampa Bay Times

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