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2/6/2021 : ST Notes

Although Spring Training is moving ahead as scheduled there are many things to be settled before camps begin.

The Phillies and other teams were slated to start selling Grapefruit League game tickets next week but MLB put that on hold pending further instruction. Here’s what’s being considered ...

Teams are operating under the assumption that the maximum number of players in big league camp will be 75 with a limit of 75 as well for supporting staff members which includes coaches, athletic trainers, clubhouse personnel and front-office execs. The initial ST camp is for the major league club and the AAA level. The remaining minor leaguers won’t report to camp till the big league/AAA camp concludes.

It seems likely the AAA affiliates will start as Alternate Camps once Spring Training camp concludes.

Though exhibition schedules were released a few months back they may get revised to adopt a more regional approach. The idea would be to cut out long trips and avoid the bus rides where players and coaches are enclosed close to one another for hours.

Citing pitcher health and durability worries, the start of ST games could be pushed back (currently Feb. 27) and teams initially may play only six or seven innings. They could even enforce the “roll the inning” rules usually found in fall instructs to avoid elongated efforts.

The initial workouts will be broken into small groups for distancing purposes.

Some teams might host fans for spring games. Seating would be limited and distanced if they do. Still TBD what the Phillies plans are.

Media won’t be allowed for early pitcher-catcher sessions.

Just a few tidbits ...

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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