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3/14/22 : Today at the Complex - arrived late - left early 🥸

Had an appointment to attend to earlier this morning so didn’t get to the complex till around 11:30. There was a big crowd again today ( a couple hundred folks ), learned that a couple of tour busses arrived from Oklahoma with an amateur youth travel baseball team - they stopped to watch some pro baseball and apparently will return tomorrow as well. Travel teams are always in the area this time of year as they come for tournaments.

The minor league portion of camp was in the AM, they cleared out at around 12:30 or so and the big leaguers took the fields at bit past 1 PM.

Morning Watch :

We saw live bullpen sessions from the following pitchers : Zach Warren, Cristian Hernandez, Billy Sullivan,

Matt Seelinger, Ethan Evanko, Ethan Lindow, Alex McKenney, Rodolfo Sanchez, Eiberson Castellano, DJ Jefferson, Manuel Urias and Oswald Medina. Sullivan continues to impress both with stuff and velo. Lindow had a strong outing on Ashburn Field as did two 20 year olds Castellano and Medina who are both in their first stateside minor league camp after pitching very well last summer in the Dominican Summer League.

Nicolas Torres had a decent knock down the right field line on Roberts Field during live BP.

If interested in some video here are a few links :

There were some minor league players released today - it’s an inevitable part of the baseball profession - sad to see but as always we wish the young men who got the news today nothing but the best in their future.

Billy Sullivan warming up for live BP

Ethan Lindow live BP

The Afternoon :

A lot of coaching instruction in the first full practice for the big leaguers - Bobby Meacham led the infielders thru base running lectures and drills on Ashburn Field , assume the outfielders were doing the same in the stadium. Afterwards both infield and outfield drills were conducted on both Ashburn and Schmidt Fields - followed by some pitcher fielding practices and then hitting on both Ashburn and in the stadium. Read that in the morning hours that some big league camp pitchers threw pens alongside Bowa Field. Zack Wheeler was amongst them.

Coach Meacham conducting base running class

We left at around 2:30 - didn’t see big league BP - arrived late, left early - the old adage observed of never being late twice in one day 🤓

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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