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3/19/21 : Quiet Impact

Watching baseball for me from my fan’s perch isn’t always about what occurs when the game starts. Although I haven’t had as many opportunities this year due to the warranted Covid restrictions I also like to observe “the little things” in regards to teamwork and camaraderie.

Pre-game stretches and catches often reflect which players congregate with one another, also the playfulness of the team. During the game we take multiple peaks into the dugout to see who’s chatting ... was cool to see the other day that Bryce Harper, even after being long lifted from the game, was still in the dugout chatting hitting with young players like Darick Hall and Nick Maton in what seemed like a fun and interactive conversation.

I also really enjoy watching practices, yes there’s a definite repetition to the drills and often there’s not a lot to ascertain from watching swing after swing or ground ball after ground ball ... but yet there is. 🤓. Focusing on how guys interact with coaches or watching foot work and hands as well as body language and spirit are things I lean in on and have picked up from the brains of scouts I’ve been able to chat with over the past few years.

It’s why I believe a player like Ronald Torreyes not only has a very real chance of making the opening day roster but also is a very valuable asset in the team makeup. When CJ Chatham and Nick Maton were optioned to mini camp earlier this week my initial thoughts were that Scott Kingery would fill the utility reserve roll. But it’s been notable that Torreyes has played quite a bit before and since ... he’s played 2B,SS and 3B during camp and also has the ability to play the outfield. I’m sure he could even catch if asked to in an emergency.

Torreyes is the type of player who epitomizes the 26th roster position. He’s a fella that is upbeat, works his tail off, takes on each and every assignment with unabated willingness and is well liked and received by everyone. He also has multiple baseball skills to fill the voids when needed. From my view it’s evident that he’s very much being considered for a big league roster spot, perhaps even stronger now that Maton and Chatham have been optioned. At the least he can provide a go-to option on either the taxi squad or as a member of the alternate camp. It certainly wouldn’t surprise this observer if he earns and is awarded a spot on the opening day roster.

Just saying ... having a willingness and doing the little things often carry much larger roles than most notice. The “Quiet Impact” isn’t missed till it’s silent ... players like Torreyes provide that. It’s certainly a part of the equation to success.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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