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3/23/21 : Learning Curves

Twenty year olds Luis Garcia and Johan Rojas have both struggled at the dish this camp against more advanced pitching. Exposure to a regular diet of superior off speed deliveries as compared to what they’ve seen thus far in their brief careers has led to the duo striking out a combined 19 times in 31 AB’s.

Yet it’s invaluable experience for the young players, neither has played above the low single A level of play before this spring and of course each missed the 2020 season entirely due to the minor league shutdown.

Both young men are energetic people who love playing baseball. It’s evident in their broad and bright smiles each time they are on the field. Luis has shown his outstanding defensive talents as a middle infielder and Johan ran down a long fly ball off the bat of Jay Bruce eventually catching it against the center field wall in last night’s game versus the Yankees. Johan couldn’t keep himself from grinning as he was running to make the play and thereafter. The joy of playing baseball shined thru🤛🤓.

BTW Luis laced a double in the game to left field against a hanging curve ball, the hardest hit ball for him this spring. The “learning curve” figuratively does exist 🧐😂.

Two other inexperienced players have struggled as well offensively this camp. Bryson Stott and Logan O’Hoppe are a combined 2 for 26 with 15 punch outs but again each has gained invaluable experience being around and training with the big club.

All four young players seemed destined to join minor league camp once it begins and are likely to begin the season at the single A level of play. Their development paths will be better served by the big league camp experiences of this spring. We look forward to continuing following each of them as they progress up the organizational ladder.

Learning Curves are intended to benefit the students ... it’s this fan’s view 2021 big league camp has accomplished that for each fella.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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