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3/5 /2021 : Ballpark Notes

My wife and I have been spring training season ticket holders for the past five years. We’ve bought four seats each year in the 200 level seating area of the ballpark. That area is in the shade which is mostly a great benefit to have with the exception of chillier days ... on those occasions you’ll see folks bundled up as if they are attending an Eagles game in Philly in mid December 🤓.

We’ve been to a couple games thus far this season ... here are some observations 👀

  • the vending stands are open inclusive of the stand alone ones on the concourse ( dip n dots, wings, west shore pizza, etc ) however there are stanchion line ropes this year and ground markings to keep folks socially distanced and safe. At the main concession area an attendant is there to direct customers to the next available order station ... again so that no one violates the safe distancing requirement. Very orderly done from what we’ve seen. Purchases by card only, no cash.

  • berm pod areas are marked off and available for purchase ... folks still chase home run balls during BP however congregating in groups is not permissible. I believe that fans can walk around the berm area still but during the games the only ones who are out there should have tickets for the area ... it’s encouraged that ya stay in your seat or ticket assignment area as best ya can rather than wandering around.

  • when in your seats or berm pod it’s required by the conditions of your ticket purchase that you wear a mask if not actively eating or drinking. We’ve noticed a few folks who can’t seem to adhere to that policy the first couple games albeit the second game compliance was much better. The attendants have been given placards that say “Please wear a mask” to remind people. If asked more than three times and still refusing to do so the policy is one can be ejected from the event. Just saying, it’s not that difficult to comply so please do.

  • the bathrooms are regularly being cleansed ... we’ve noticed attendants on “stand by” who frequently wipe things down. Spacing has been included even within the bathrooms. There’s also hand sanitizer and wipes provided by the sinks and signs encouraging folks to properly wash their hands ...

  • the team store is open but occupancy is limited to 25 at a time. There’s an attendant at the door who is monitoring the amount of folks in the store at all times. It’s not a big store area and to be truthful there’s always been a limit on the number of folks allowed inside but it’s even more restrictive given our current conditions. Team stores are also open down both the first and third base lines.

  • entering the ballpark is similar to times past in that you pass thru security scanners but there’s not been a necessity to empty the pockets and place items into a tray ( Covid reasons ). If ya set off the scanner you’re simply asked to stand aside and be wanded by an security attendant. No issues. Safe distancing markers are also in place for the waiting lines to get in. The ball park opens this year at 11:35 AM for 1:05 games rather than 10:35 AM as in years past ... again the idea is to limit time inside as a safety measure. By the way Phil E Gator is alive and well in the retention pond in front of the south side ballpark area.

  • the Tiki bar is open ... no mingling around though and seating is spaced. From what I understand it’s open up till an hour after the game concludes. Personally I don’t go out there as the cigarette smell gets to me ... there’s a designated smoking area behind the bar.

  • parking costs $12 per game, there are lots on both sides of the stadium and at Carpenter Complex. No season parking passes this year ... credit card is the preferred form of payment but they will accept cash.

  • sunscreen lotion stations through out the ballpark ... the FLA sun can put a hurting on ya quickly ... best to be ahead of it.

  • most of the tickets are sold ... there are occasions though when limited tickets are available and sold at the box office at 10 AM on game days. You can’t buy an individual ticket ... all purchases are in pods.

Just a few tidbits of what 2021 ST has been like thus far and what to expect if you’re coming to a game ... stay safe if ya do and we can all enjoy baseball collectively 🤓

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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