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3/6/21 : Today’s Zoom Call Notes - Joe Girardi

We couldn’t see the game today in Dunedin since it wasn’t televised and ... we didn’t have tickets 🤦‍♂️. I previously tried to summarize it as best I could from the game day notes on mlb.

The post game interview session with Joe Girardi shed more light on today’s action ... here are highlights of what he said.

  • Odubel made a really nice play in center field in the first inning on a hard liner that was over his head. George Springer was on second base at the time and thought the ball was going to be uncatchable. Odubel tracked it down and caught it on the warning track and kept Springer at second in doing so.

  • Alec Bohm made another good play at third base on a hard hit ball.

  • Enyel De Los Santos stood out on the mound, he threw the ball very well, high velocity and struck out George Springer, Bo Bichette and Marcus Semien ... three very good hitters. Joe sees him as a competitor for a bullpen slot at the big league level.

  • Odubel hit the ball hard all day, he just missed a home run in his first AB. Joe said that he’s certainly in the mix for the center field job. He’s doing everything right thus far to earn a roster spot. The final decision will be made on baseball merits this spring.

  • CJ Chatham hit the ball hard today but into the wind and came away with nothing to show for it in the box score. But the skipper noticed ... that’s all that counts 🤓.

  • biggest takeaways from the week thus far ... the power arm displays of the bullpen, especially yesterday against the Pirates and the solid hitting of the offense.

  • Due to weather forecast concerns Aaron Nola threw a simulated game this morning at BayCare Ballpark. Rhys Hoskins got three AB’s against him. Nola continues on track and Joe said that Rhys also swung the bat well.

  • Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, Jean Segura and Didi Gregorius are all scheduled to play tomorrow in Tampa against the Yankees.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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