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4/13/21 : Today in Minor League Camp

Lots of action today with live BP on multiple fields and with umpires calling balls and strikes. The live BP sessions started shortly after noon ... prior to that multiple fielding practices and regular BP was held.

We started early and watched PFP’s on the Bowa half field. Coach Bergenson led the session ... from our observations he’s very energetic and explains things well. It was a well run session on bunts and covering first base on grounders to the right side. Some photos below of the group in action.

With so many sessions going concurrently it’s not possible to report on them all without a little help from some friends ... aka our crew🤓. Ron Miller watched from beyond the left field fences of Roberts Field while Jim Peyton and I peered thru the South Gate at BayCare Ballpark. Here’s what we saw ...

BayCare Ballpark :

Eduar Segovia, Gunner Mayer, Jonas De La Cruz, Rodolfo Sanchez, Brian Marconi, Tyler Burch, Aiden Anderson and Brenden Kudlinski pitched - about 25 pitches each.

Catchers included Juan Aparicio, Freddy Francisco, Oscar Gonzalez and Cesar Rodriquez.

Pitchers threw both out of the windup and stretch with runners placed on third base initially and later at second base. On one play Casey Martin scored from third base on a wild pitch.

Batters included all of the catchers plus Kendall Simmons, DJ Stewart, Ben Pelletier, Johan Rojas,Sal Gozzo, Rixon Wingrove, Nicolas Torres, Carlos De La Cruz and Casey Martin.

We’ve always been impressed with Segovia ... the twenty year pitches with poise and has velocity that reaches the mid nineties. He’s got a sharp breaking slider that produces a lot of swings and misses ... we saw that today.

Gunner Mayer pitched with great tempo, he gets the ball, sets and fires. Gunner battled command a bit early in the session but also produced quite a few swings and misses before he was done. Looks quick with the heater.

Roberts Field :

Ethan Lindow, Julian Garcia, Austin Ross, Robinson Martinez, Kyle Glogoski, Andrew Brown and Jeff Singer pitched.

Batters included Cornelius Randolph, Luke Miller, Dalton Guthrie, Madison Stokes and Nick Matera

Lindow showed his usual good control - no hard contact made. Robinson Martinez brought the heat and had three strikeouts - big arm who’s impressed both times we’ve seen him in camp. Kyle Glogoski was dominant - the 22 year old from New Zealand has really good stuff and knows how to pitch. Brown threw well and posted three K’s and Singer produced a bunch of check swings ... seemed batters had difficulty picking him up ... Jeff’s always hid the ball well - today that continued - had a strong session with a couple K’s

That’s a wrap ... tomorrow I get my second Covid vaccine shot at 9:30 AM so likely will be MIA from observing camp action. It’s all good ... doing my part to stay safe and help beat this pandemic.

One of the fellas told us we were a bit crazy for covering this year’s spring camps the way we do ... that’s likely true 🤪. We use ladders, step stools and binoculars and walk the perimeters of the complex for what seems like miles each time we’re out there. I’m amazed at how great Mark Wylie’s photos come out given the distance and angles he’s taking them from ( he was off today for his second vaccine shot ). While it’s probably indeed crazy we collectively enjoy it and sharing what we observe with you all. I reckon that’s all that matters.

For love of the game some might say ... we just call it ...

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

(Steve Potter is the co-author with Larry Shenk of “Life In The Minors, 5th annual Phillies Minor League Digest” now available on He can be followed on

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