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4/20/21 : Newest Promotions

Albeit the circumstances are less than ideal as vacancies were created by Covid issues the opportunities created and those selected for promotion deserve recognition.

So ... congrats to the following ...

LHP Bailey Falter and RHP Ramon Rosso promoted to the major leagues 🤓

LH Bailey Falter : Bailey ( 23 yrs old ) turned heads in spring camp. His overhand long armed delivery is classic and the way he hides the baseball is an added boost to his success. Folks have fallen in love with velocity and he’s increased his fastball capacity to at least touch the mid nineties however ball movement and a put away secondary pitches remain Bailey’s strength ... that and the ability to throw quality strikes. We’ve always seen a big league skill set ... just needs to gain the experience. He was starting at the Allentown Alternate Camp and is positioned for a spot in the Iron Pigs rotation, for now he will fill a long man roll in the Phillies bullpen.

RH Ramon Rosso : Ramon ( 24 years old ) is at his best when he lets his personality shine and has fun on the mound. He’s got a power arsenal of pitches, the capability of pushing the FB in the mid to upper nineties with consistency. The ability to throw his secondary offerings for strikes and with similar consistency is the ongoing development need. He’s another with a big league skill set, wants the baseball everyday and loves to play. Another young hurler who can either start or relieve. At the Alternate Camp he was pitching in a multi inning role prepping for a similar role in the show if needed, that need has now come.

Congrats to both Bailey and Ramon on their promotions ... to make room on the active roster two other young hurlers were optioned ( Damon Jones & Christopher Sanchez ). Neither got into the game they were active for ... future opportunities will come, for now they go back to Allentown to keep training.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Steve Potter is the co-author with Larry Shenk of “Life In The Minors, 5th annual Phillies Minor League Digest” now available on He can be followed on

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