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5/31/2020 : The Cause

It had to boil over ... too many incidents, too many lives lost, too many divides, too many calls for help and inclusions ignored. The frustration had to explode ... it was inevitable.

A stage set even further with the isolation and despair from the Covid pandemic ... pent up frustration built by an ongoing angst over remorse of lost lives ,financial ruin, belief or disbelief of the extent of the epidemic and a repeating divide of leadership and direction.

And it continues and festers in thoughts and views regarding the violent reactions to another injustice and horrific loss of life ... many folks taking to social media to voice contempt and disdain ... to continue to fragment ...the continued use of the word “they” instead of “us” is telling ... the divide is deep and for many unconscionable - not even aware that it’s been ingrained.

We’ve all seen prejudice each and every day of our lives ... it’s always been there, inequalities have always existed ... it’s a hard fact to admit and address ... an easy one to ignore.

Living in the imperfect world as we have, do and seemingly always will when coupled with generational thought patterns that have passed from one to the next are embedded as primary causes of many of our issues ... it’s at the core.

So how do we address the cause ? The key word is “we” ... the challenge is to truly stand united for perhaps the very first time ever ... check that ... indeed the very first time in our history.

We are never going to fix all of the imperfections of our world ... they are part of the challenges of life yet we can focus to change minds in the course ... instead of thinking as “they” use the word “us” and directly address the ingrained thought patterns that were taught to us from prior generations ... teach ourselves and the next generation the will of love that is found in acceptance and inclusion ... that diversity is a gift and not a divide or something to fear.

Leadership needs to step up to the challenge but yet we are all capable leaders ... within our families and our communities. Step up ... one by one ... become “us” or at the least try.

Looting and destruction are not the answers but are certainly reactions to the cause whomever the perpetrators are that are conducting these illegal and unwarranted actions ... “we” must take notice of the cause and not just the actions and address all ... that’s the ultimate challenge ... can we ? We certainly haven’t to date.

I’m sad, sickened, distraught, angry and afraid ... most of “us” are ...

Truly listen ... don’t immediately judge ... don’t immediately react ... listen ... the answer lies within each of “us” ... call me naive but I believe in “us” ... our hearts are the answer ... listen - I can hear yours ... can you hear mine ? Can “we” have hearts that beat as one ... listen.

Please ... else ... We can’t breathe

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