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6/14/21 : Gulf Coast League

The Gulf Coast League ( GCL) is slated to begin play on June 28th. At one point the Phillies had planned to field two teams but the organization will now field just one team. I’ve been to a few extended spring training games at the complex, observing from the parking lot as the complex remains closed to the public for the indefinite future. Here’s a list of players I’ve seen or are recently listed as active who may be on the initial GCL roster.

The Phillies club will play in the North Division with the Blue Jays, Yankees and two Tigers teams … Tigers East and Tigers West.

All of the Phillies games will be against the North Division teams.

There will be two other divisions … East and South.

East Astros, Cardinals, Marlins, Mets, Nationals

South Braves, Orioles Black, Orioles Orange, Pirates Black, Pirates Gold, Rays, Red Sox, Twins

The North and East Divisions will be off every Sunday, while the South Division will be off every Wednesday and Sunday. Day games will be played at noon with the exception of Saturdays, which will begin at 10 a.m. Night games will be played no later than 7 p.m., and nighttime doubleheaders will begin at 5 p.m.

Pitchers : ( 19 )

LH Gabriel Cotto

RH Chi Ling Hsu

RH Victor Lopez

RH DJ Jefferson

RH Leonel Aponte

LH Anton Kutnesov

RH Carlos Bettencourt

LH Jake McKenna

RH Dalvin Rosario

RH Yoan Antonac

RH Josh Gessner

RH Camilo Brazoban

LH Juan Miranda

LH Jaylen Smith

RH Leonel Aponte

RH Andy Reyes

RH Manuel Urias

LH Corey Phelan

LH Christopher Soriano

Catchers : ( 4 )

Micah Yonamine

Arturo De Freitas

Chris Burke

Edward Barboza

Infielders : ( 7 )

Alexis Azuaje

Jamari Baylor

Uziel Viloria

Juan Herrera

Wilson Valdez Jr

Jake Elliott

Grenny Cumana

Outfielders : ( 7 )

Corbin Williams

Leandro Pineda

Jose Cedeno

Marcus Lee Sang

Jadiel Sanchez

Jefferson Encarnacion

Felix Reyes

There are 17 players officially listed on the 60 day IL plus 25 others on the 7 day IL, some have been there for a more extended stay. The players on the 7 day list are counted towards the new ( began in 2021 ) 180 stateside minor league roster limitations. Note that players on the 60 day Injured List ( IL ) do not count against the stateside minor league roster limitations. Given that I count 168 stateside players counting towards the limit presently in the system.

Ex Phillies Notes :

RHP Robinson Martinez signed by Marlins

1B Logan Morrison signed by Reds

RHP Michael Mariot signed by Reds

RHP Sam McWilliams claimed by Padres off waivers from Mets

C Deivy Grullon designated for assignment - Rays

RHP Yacksel Rios designated for assignment - Mariners

Hopefully when the GCL season begins we can be inside the gates like before to watch … otherwise we will observe the best we can from the parking lot.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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