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6/23/2020 : Some of the 2020 MLB Season Rules

An agreement has been reached between MLB and MLBPA for a 60 game season ... ST2 to start on 7/1/2020 ... It appears there will be Baseball this summer with the regular season slated to start either 7/23/202 or 7/24/2020 ... pending of course the ongoing Pandemic issues we encounter ... here are some of the parameters of play for this very unique season

  1. DH will be in effect for all teams - I’m a fan and think this is long over due

  2. 60 man Player Pool - Teams must submit names by Sunday - 3 PM

  3. In Person Scouting will be allowed

  4. Trade Deadline - 8/31

  5. Teams can invite 60 players to ST2 - includes the current 40 man roster ( not all have to be invited to ST2 - but if a player is on 40 man roster and not invited to ST2 he must still be paid )

  6. Of the 60 players on the revised roster list up to 20 can be sent to an alternate site to train

  7. Opening Day Active rosters will be 30 players - reduced to 28 by 15th day of season, and to 26 by 29th day of season - 26 man active roster rest of season

  8. Current transaction freeze will be lifted 5 days before ST2 opens

  9. Deadline to be eligible for post season is 9/15 - player must be in the organization as of that date

  10. The number of active days required for Rule 5 players will be reduced proportionally to the number of days in the revised season but not less than 50 days ...

  11. To add a new player to the 60 man player pool after it‘s submitted requires a transaction of removing another player in a form of trade, waiver, etc

  12. 10 Day Injured List requirement with a separate COVID 19 list for those who test positive and/or have symptoms - COVID 19 list doesn’t count against active roster or 60 man roster

  13. No limits on how long a player is on COVID 19 list

  14. Health Protocol - Players should not fraternize or come within 6 feet of each other before game, during warm ups, in between innings or after games

  15. Three batter minimum for Pitchers

  16. Pitchers are allowed to carry a small wet rag in their pocket to be used as a replacement for licking their fingers

  17. Extra Innings will be modified so that each half inning will begin with a runner on second base until a team wins ... the runner will be the player who made the last out of the prior inning ... pinch runners are allowed ... Pitchers will not be charged with an earned run of the designated runner scores - this rule applies to regular season games only

  18. Teams will play 10 games against each of their Divisional Opponents - for the Phillies that’s Nationals, Mets, Marlins and Braves and 20 games in total against AL regional Division clubs - for Phillies that’s Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Rays and Orioles

  19. MLB has the right to relocate teams during the regular season to neutral sites for health and safety reasons, including the postseason

  20. Players will be prohibited from arriving more than 5 hours before game time, and staying longer than 90 minutes after a game

  21. Reporters must leave the ballpark within one hour upon conclusion of postgame interviews.

  22. Reporters won't have any access to players/coaches/execs. All done via Zoom.

  23. Reporters will not be allowed to roam the ballpark. Limit is believed to be 35 reporters + photographers per game.

  24. Credentialing expected to be on game-by-game basis.

  25. TV broadcasters are not expected to travel, so home team will provide feed. Must guarantee it's a neutral feed, giving equal airtime to both sides. Radio broadcasters are permitted to attend road games.

  26. Players will complete symptom and exposure questionnaire before reporting to camp. They'll then go through intensive "intake screening" with temp check, COVID test, blood test for antibody check. They'll then self-isolate for 24-48 hours until given the all-clear.

  27. Players are going to be given thermometers to check themselves at home twice each morning. Each club must designate a specific testing site at the ballpark.

  28. Everyone who enters the ballpark will have their temperature taken. Everyone.

Sources : Chris Cotillo, Jayson Stark & Bob Nightengale Twitter postings

If I read about more will update the list ...

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