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6/7/2020 : The Scouting Team

On Wednesday the 2020 MLB Draft commences ... this year just five rounds. The Phillies have four picks in the draft ( they forfeited their 2nd round pick by signing RHP Zach Wheeler ). Following the draft we should expect that multiple players will sign amateur free agent contracts, last summer the Phillies signed 13 non drafted amateur free agents ... this year may just exceed that number especially given the fact that the draft has been shortened by 35 rounds 😳.

There are financial limitations on this year’s free agent signees ... can’t get more than $20,000 as a signing bonus but can get future college expenses included in their offers ... will be interesting to see how many un-drafted college underclass men or high school players will accept those type of deals.

Unless you are in possession of the 2020 media guide you likely aren’t aware of the Phillies scouting team, they are a very important element in the success of drafts and free agent signings even in current pandemic conditions where a very heavy reliance on video reviews is prevalent ... thought I’d share the scouting team’s names with ya.

There were quite a few changes this past off season.


Brian Barber - Director - Amateur Scouting - new this year - came from Yankees

Sal Agostinelli - Director - International Scouting

Johny Almaraz - Special Assistant - Scouting/Player Development

Rob Holliday - Director - Amateur Scouting Administration

Greg Schulz - Assistant Director - Scouting

Darrell Connor - National Scouting Coordinator

David Crowson - National Scouting Coordinator

Alex Agostino - Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Regional Supervisor

Shane Bowers - West Regional Supervisor

Buddy Hernandez - Southeast Regional Supervisor

Brad Holland - Southwest Regional Supervisor

Brian Kohlscheen - Midwest Regional Supervisor


Amateur Scouting Staff :

Connor Betbeze - Performance Assistant

Chris Duffy - Southern & Central California

Tommy Field - Ok, AR & Northern Texas

Zach Friedman - WA,OR,ID,MT,WY,AK, Western Canada

Mike Garcia - Southern California & Southern NV

Ralph Garr Jr - Southern TX

Victor Gomez - Southern FL & PR

Bryce Harman - Central & Northern FL

Aaron Jerslid - GA,SC

Tim Kissner - IL,IN,MI,WI,MN

Chris Knabenshue - AZ,CO,NM,UT

Kellan McKeon - VA,NC

Tim Moni - TN,KY,WV,OH

Justin Morgenstern - Canada,ME,VT,NH,MA,CT,NY,Northwest NJ

Justin Munson - MO,KS,NE,IA,SD,ND

Demerius Pittman - Southern CA, HI

Mike Stauffer - MS,LA,AL,FL Panhandle

Jason Waugh - Northern CA, Northern NV

Jeff Zona Jr - PA, Upstate NY, DE,MD,DC & Southern NJ


Independent Contractor Scouts :

Luis Castro - PR

Chris Colwell - Chicago

James Davis - Southern CA

Steve DiPuglia - FL

Tom Downey - NYC

Jim Fleming - OK

Rowland George - DE

Rob Gould - Southern CA

Tom Holliday - OK

John Labonia - IA

Jason Larue - TX

Wilmer Reid - Philadelphia

Manny Rodriguez - TX

Eduardo Rosario - FL

Alex Rosen - NY

Mark Wilson - MN

Steve Potter - Wannabe 😂


International Scouting Staff :

Derrick Chung - Coordinator

Jesus Mendez - Coordinator

Carlos Salas - Coordinator

Rafael Alvarez - Supervisor - Venezuela

Oneri Fleita - Supervisor - Mexico

Roberto Aquino - Cross-checker - Dominican Republic

Andres Hiraldo - Cross-checker - Dominican Republic

Howard Norsetter - Cross-checker - Pacific Rim

Alvaro Blanco - Columbia

Jesus Blanco - Venezuela

Alex Choi - Korea

Juan Feliciano de Castro - Dominican Republic

Elvis Garcia - Venezuela

Luis Garcia - Dominican Republic

Charlie Gastelum - Mexico

Gene Grimaldi - Antilles

Jose Guzman - Dominican Republic

Jonatan Hernandez - Venezuela

Dargello Lodowica - Curaçao

William Mota - Venezuela

Romulo Oliveros - Venezuela

Bernardo Perez - Dominican Republic

Abdiel Ramos - Panama

Philip Riccobono - Japan

Franklyn Rojas - Venezuela

Claudio Scerrato - Italy

Ebert Velasquez - Venezuela

Youngster Wang - Taiwan


In addition there’s a pro scouting team whose focus is on scouting other clubs or internally but they sometimes helps in the reviews of amateur players,

Mike Ondo - Director - Pro Scouting

Dean Albany - Special Assignment Scout - new this year - came from Orioles

Craig Colbert - Special Assignment Scout

Howie Freiling - Special Assignment Scout

Dave Hollins - Special Assignment Scout

Charley Kerfeld - Special Assignment Scout

Mike Koplove - Special Assignment Scout

Terry Ryan - Special Assignment Scout

Dan Wright - Special Assignment Scout

Erick Dalton - Professional Coverage Scout

Todd Donovan - Professional Coverage Scout

Jeff Harris - Professional Coverage Scout

Jesse Levis - Professional Coverage Scout

Jon Mercurio - Professional Coverage Scout

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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