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7/12/21 : Phillies 2nd Round Draft Pick

The Phillies selected Ethan Wilson, a 21 year old outfielder from the University of South Alabama in the second round of the draft today. He hits and throws left handed.

Here’s his MLB scouting profile.

“Wilson went from an unheralded recruit to the Sun Belt Conference player of the year in 2019, when he hit 17 homers to nearly double five-time All-Star Luis Gonzales' South Alabama freshman record of nine. Though his approach has changed and he's more contact hitter than slugger now, he remains one of the best all-around college hitters in the 2021 Draft class. He has a chance to become the second first-round pick in Jaguars history, following Travis Swaggerty (No. 10 overall, 2018).

Wilson doesn't have the smoothest left-handed stroke but he has a knack for finding the barrel and hangs in well against southpaws. He also has the patience to work counts and draw walks, and his contact rates and plate discipline are better than ever after regressing last spring. He's not driving the ball as much as he has in the past, however, and projects as more of an average power hitter with his current approach.

Almost all of his value will come from his offensive production, though most evaluators believe Wilson will provide enough to fit in the middle of a big league lineup. He's a fringy to average runner out of the batter's box and a step quicker once he gets going. His fringy arm limits him to left field, where he's a decent defender.”

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