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7/17/22 : All-Star Break Thoughts

When you watch minor league baseball there’s a mindset and temperament that’s advisable - the majority of the players will not become major leaguers and the quality of play isn’t parallel to what you will witness in the big leagues.  That being said it’s still professional baseball and every player who takes the field has baseball abilities that far surpass the majority of folks in the stands there to watch.  I think often times that’s forgotten by the fan bases of major league clubs when the voice of criticism is vocalized.

From my observances the larger crowds each season in minor league baseball don’t necessarily relate to the on field play but rather promotional giveaways, fireworks nights or discounted food and beverages ( especially of the adult variety ).  Many of those games also bring out the most vocal skeptics and sideline critics.  It’s a learning experience however for players, coaches and managers who do cross over to the big league line and certainly makes them more appreciative of getting there.

Even for those who don’t ever participate in a major league game the minor league experience, both the good and bad elements, are things to learn, grow and develop from - player development in the minors effects all, even those who inevitably someday get the bad news that their professional baseball experience has ended - the journey for each is a privilege that most aren’t able to achieve.

That’s why I write to share their stories - it’s more than statistics and on field achievements, albeit that is the majority of each article - it’s a part of each individual’s life and an accomplishment that becomes a portion of their lifetime binder. From my perspective it’s a great achievement and for me I longed to embrace the experience so much that I participated in Phantasy Camp five times to emulate it as close as possible.  Being able to interact with the Phillies management, players and support staff on an everyday basis is now my privilege and while I often get downtrodden because I can’t do more or don’t have the avenues for more input I do appreciate the small part I’m able to do.

It makes me proud for the development staff, the players, their friends and families when a player makes their major league debut.  We’ve had eight players do so to date this season including many who spent multiple years earning their way in the minors.  While getting there is one thing and staying there is another it’s still a huge accomplishment to play in the show - each time it happens a huge smile is on my face - it’s a heartfelt feeling that is symbolic of my term “Happy Day, Happy Baseball”.

Just sayin - life isn’t just baseball but baseball sure can be life.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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