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7/24/2020 : The 60 Game Sprint

When the Phillies take the field this evening ( weather permitting ) against the Miami Marlins they will embark on a 60 games in 66 days sprint for a playoff spot. Sixteen of the thirty MLB clubs will qualify in this season of oddities for the playoffs ... if the Phillies finish first or second in their division they are in ... if they can’t get one of those slots then having one of the two next best records in the National League would garner a spot.

My plans are to watch every Phillies game ( as is my tradition ) and write a summary of each contest and post after the last out has been recorded. For those familiar with this site you know that my normal routine is to post minor league game summaries and features throughout the season with a big league article as well ... no minor leagues this year so I’ll focus entirely on the big club.

I know that the Philly area professional writers will be covering the club much more capable than I ... they have access to the zoom interviews after each game ... I don’t. Recently I requested access since some blog sites were granted those privileges this season but I have to date been ignored ... no response in other words. So be it ... I’m not a paid journalist ... just a very passionate fan who likes to write.

There are multiple Phillies fans that don’t live in the immediate Philly area and also don’t have access to the telecasts without an MLB streaming subscription ... I’ll write my game recaps for them primarily but all are welcome to read.

Yesterday I posted a photo of US Presedential candidate Joe Biden with a Phillies cap on wishing the team well in a clip he had posted on Twitter. It’s no secret he’s a true Phillies fan ... that photo got a lot of interest ... if my game recaps do as well then maybe I’d get that elusive press credential 😂.

For those who felt compelled to use the F-Bomb in response to that photo please move on ... there are other sites you can frequent ... this site is intended as a baseball information and interest sharing one ( I will sometimes share Baseball articles that aren’t necessarily about the Phillies if I think there might be folks interested ) ... not a inane commentary or derogatory conflict opportunity. I’ll leave it at that ...

So ... we embark on what may be the strangest baseball season we’ve ever seen in what’s certainly been a very strange, conflicted and difficult year thus far ... I hope we can all get some enjoyment from watching the fellas play ... even if it’s from afar.

Happy Opening Day & Happy Baseball ⚾️

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