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7/27/21 : It’s Baseball

I rarely write about the big club’s games once the minor league season starts yet I generally don’t miss watching any of the games.

Living here in Florida full time the past four years affords me the chance to observe both the minor league world and the games in the show. With the MLB and MiLB Apps and multiple IPads it’s become routine to have usually four games per night on the docket and on occasion watching another in person at the stadium.

That being said on Monday’s the big club gets full attention as it’s an off day for the minors. Last night’s game had all the aspects of baseball that make folks like me love the game. It had the disappointment of our team falling into an early hole, the feeling that the game was lost and then the awakening of a three run homer to bring us within one … followed by an 9th inning score by the opponents to make the comeback task more difficult. And then the ending … our hottest and best player this year sparking the final comeback with a leadoff double, followed by a walk to the star most come to see and finally a clutch winning home run by perhaps the most popular player on the team both inside the clubhouse and amongst the fans who watch. That’s baseball !

Don’t forget the strong efforts of two scoreless innings by the reliever folks seemingly love to hate albeit the one who always takes the ball without hesitation when asked. Don’t forget the hard hit liner by the center fielder down the left field line that might have tied the score in the bottom of the eighth had it not been for the strategy employed by the opponent’s defense to play him like a right handed pull hitter … yes sometimes defensive alignments do work … likely more often than not actually.

Don’t forget the called third strike on our young pinch hitter that same inning on a delivery “outside the box” but also acknowledge that the 99 mph heater a couple pitches before was likely a strike yet called a ball. The human element of the game lends to it’s drama … it’s methodical without it.

And when the game is on the line and our guy comes thru the exuberance of victory shines bright and the warmth of the glow is enlightening. TMac’s call was just as electric as was John’s excitement and show of a fan’s passion from the booth through out the game. It was baseball.

For all the debate and sometimes discourse of what the game has become, whether ya like seven inning double headers or placed runners in extra innings ( which I do btw ) or bemoan defensive shifts and the use of technology in support of development and play it’s still baseball at it’s core and endings like last night are the glimpses we seek to see each contest over the marathon summer of action.

It’s why I love the game and our team. Whether I agree or disagree with a player’s political views, personal choices or lifestyles doesn’t matter when they cross the white lines and represent our Phillies. Whether a commentator is “old school” or not isn’t my concern, it’s frankly refreshing to hear games called void of those discussions … it’s baseball from the first pitch to the last and that’s my only concern for however long that takes.

Now a new day is upon us, I’ll venture over to watch the complex league game … I’ll keep my Twitter feed on que for trade updates … I’ll settle in this evening with IPads tuned in … four games at hand. It’s baseball … it’s life and it’s love.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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