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7/28/2020 : So ... now what 🤷‍♂️😷

The Miami Marlins season has been temporarily suspended till at least next Monday so as to allow the club to re-organize their team after multiple players and staff have tested positive for the Covid virus. Those infected will remain in quarantine till deemed healthy to resume play ...

The Phillies season will also be suspended till Friday even though no player or member of the coaching staff tested positive as a result of Monday’s tests ... one member of the Phillies organization visiting clubhouse staff did test positive as a result of Sunday’s Covid tests. The Phillies would be isolated from others and would undergo tests each of the next two days, if they continue to register negative test results they would resume play against the Blue Jays at CBP on 7/31 with the Jays as the home team ( due to Canada disallowing Jays to play in Toronto ).

The Yankees will travel to Baltimore to play the Orioles instead of the Phillies beginning tomorrow. The Orioles were originally slated to play the Marlins.

If the games missed can be made up the Phillies and Marlins would do so ... if not the season standings will be determined by the best winning percentages in the games that get played ... in other words 60 games for each team is not considered as absolute.

So ... A team that may have been exposed to COVID-19 by another team that has lost half its roster to COVID-19 might be forced to isolate ... then play another team who was barred from playing in its own country because the government was concerned about MLB’s plan to play ... and the infected team‘s next game might be at home ( Miami ) in a city where infections are spiking like no other against the team ( Phillies ) that they may have exposed in their last game played ... the oddest of years and seasons continues 😳🤦‍♂️

Go figure ...

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

And then there’s this ... The Miami-Dade Mayor says the Marlins should follow the 14-day quarantine protocol when returning to South Florida after they were knowingly exposed to COVID-19 ... could be a second team being barred from playing in their home stadium ...


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