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7/3/2020 : 60 Man Roster Additions

Congrats to Catchers Henri Lartigue and Logan O’Hoppe who were added to the Summer Camp roster today ... they replace a couple of the spots previously occupied by players placed on the Injured List yesterday.

Neither Lartigue or O’Hoppe will be subject to the 60 man waiver rules if they are subsequently removed from the roster as they have presumably replaced players designated with Covid 19 concerns ... once those players return both O’Hoppe and Lartigue can be put back into minor league status if necessary without waiver restrictions.

Henri caught the majority of games for Reading in 2019, he‘s 25 years old while Logan was the primary backstop for Williamsport last season ... he‘s 20 years old ... he also played for the Adelaide Giants this past winter in the Australian League

Happy that both young men get to experience ST2 and wishing each the best ...

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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