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7/3/2020 : The Importance of hot streaks in a short season

Presuming Major League Baseball is able to play the entire 60 game 2020 schedule I thought I’d take a look at the past five years of the short season league ( Gulf Coast League ) which plays around a 60 game schedule each year and the importance of hot streaks ... one note before reading on ... there are a lot of rain outs in each GCL season so it’s rare that all 60 games are played

Gulf Coast League :

2015 :

The League Champion Red Sox got off to a 9-0 start enroute to a 41 win season ( best in the league ) ... the hot start 7-0 first month in June was followed by a 13-14 record in July and by a torrid 21-3 ( included 3 separate 5 game winning streaks ) final month of the season in August ... in their division they finished 7 1/2 games ahead of the second place Orioles who were 2-5 in their first seven games in June before going 18-7 the following month and finishing up with a 14-13 record in August ...

The 2015 GCL Northwest Division Phillies got out to an 8-1 start ... they went 15-14 in July and 11-9 in August ... the Division winning Jays went 5-3 in June, 17-8 in July and 17-8 in August ... they had a 10 game and a 6 game winning streak in August and finished 4 games ahead of the Phillies

2016 :

The Phillies posted a league best 43 wins .... they went 4-2 in June, 20-9 in July and 14-4 in August with win streaks of 11 ( July ), 7 ( August ) and two 5 gamers ( July & August ).

2017 :

The Phillies squad posted the most wins in the regular season with a total of 36 ... they started out 2-3 in June, went 16-8 in July and 18-11 in August with winning streaks of 7, two 5’s and two 4’s ...

2018 :

The Cardinals had the most wins with 40 ... they went 7-3 in June including a 6 game winning streak to open the season ... 18-7 in July that included a 6 game winning streak and two three game streaks and 15-6 in August that included two 4 game win streaks and two 3 game win streaks

2019 :

The Orioles had the most wins with 38 ... they went 4-0 in June, 15-10 in July and 19-5 in August with a 14 game winning streak in the last month of the season after opening up the year with a six game winning run

In a short season teams that can go on long or multiple winning runs are inevitably the front runners of the pack ... gotta be able to string em together 🤓

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️


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