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7/31/21 : Champions

It’s not Phillies related but I’m just as proud 🤓👍. My son Nolan and his teammates won the Brandywine Valley MSBL championship yesterday and he was a key cog in the victory as team manager, starting pitcher and as a hitter. It’s the fifth season of the league for which he also serves as President and was a co-founder of in 2017.

Back in 1989 I founded a similar league called the Kennett Men’s Senior Baseball League and served as President for 12 years before the league disbanded. I also managed a team in the league, pitched and was a decent enough hitter. I never had a team win the league championship though so Nolan’s club, the Riversharks, winning a title is a marked improvement for our family baseball ventures.

My wife Barb and I are very proud of all our kids, this is yet another proud moment and to boot it has a baseball link ⚾️🤓. Just thought I’d share 👍

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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