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7/5/23 : Back to Baseball

For the past three weeks I have not watched Phillies minor league games as per my usual course.  My wife and I have been visiting family members in Pennsylvania, something we haven’t done for a bit so my minor league coverage has been light per usual standards.  However, I’ve kept the daily articles flowing by posting links to the very nicely done game recaps by each of the affiliates along with highlighting stats for pitchers and hitters.  In fact the website viewer numbers haven’t skewed much so perhaps the lighter course works just as well🤔.

We did make it to two games in person, one in Reading and one in Philadelphia, thanks to the Phillies for the accommodations.

As I sit here in the airport awaiting the flight home  I’m a bit melancholy leaving sons, daughters, grand kids, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles behind once more.  It’s been a great visit and my wife and I are proud sister, brother, aunt, uncle, parents and grandparents.  Family time is special in many ways and it’s the people that make it so. We are fortunate to have such good people in our family.

When we moved to Florida it became a mission to integrate into the player development process and provide a daily outlet report for those interested in the Phillies minor league action.  We’ve been at it for almost eight years now.

Baseball has always been my passion, there’s not much else that I have interest in (as aptly pointed out by a family member 😳), and writing about an area of the Phillies organization which doesn’t garner as much attention as the big club has become a routine I’ve embraced.  Serving the Phillies community of fans is my pleasure even if some of that community includes folks like the two young ladies who sat behind us at the big league game persisting to swear, scream and repeatedly state how drunk they were, it takes all kinds I reckon albeit it turned a fun experience into an unpleasant one.  Hopefully those two got home safely.  It was much better  at Reading sitting behind the bullpen and chatting with players and coaches, none of them were drunk or swearing 😂.

So now we get back into our daily routine of sojourns to the complex to watch practices and mid day FCL games, nightly viewing of the affiliate games via MILB TV as well as watching the big club.  The draft is near and we will have the privilege of watching the new players get indoctrinated into the system during their mini camp at the complex shortly thereafter.  I’m not sure as to whether I will return to the prior minor league roundup format else just stay with using the links to the affiliate write-ups, will see how it goes.

Just sayin - for folks like me pro baseball indeed garners my complete interest, it’s basically why I retired so that I could watch it without pause.  I’m very happy to have spent quality time with our family these past three weeks but am amped as well to continue on the path of Happy Day, Happy Baseball - just sayin - there’s definitely room for both 👍.

Adam Leverett saying hello

View from the Hall of Fame Club - section 226

Pretty cool - 2022 Championship Award

My High School field in Kennett Square

Looking forward to being back at the Complex🤓

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