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8/1/21 : Positive Thoughts

Saturday night was a restless night for many people in the Phillies organization and for fans that follow them after Daniel Brito collapsed on the field, was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and underwent surgery. I was among them as I've gotten to know Daniel a little bit. I remain very disheartened by the situation.

Many of the players correspond with me, I don’t push anyone to do so. Daniel is one of the kids who does. He really has fun with life, enjoys photos of himself playing the game and joking about them. By all accounts he’s a happy go lucky young man.

He’s just 23 years old, engaged to be married and having the best baseball year of his career. He earned a recent promotion from Reading to Lehigh Valley from his on field play with a seemingly very bright looking baseball future ahead. No one could foresee what happened on the field in Rochester. No one.

I always end my articles with Happy Day, Happy Baseball … I truly hope that Daniel has many more of those days ahead of him, good people deserve such things.

Please keep positive thoughts in his regard.

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