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8/23/ 2020 : Yesterday in Review

The Phillies Game :

Atlanta 6 ( 16-11 ) Phillies 5 ( 9-14 )

Another tough loss ... Zack Wheeler gave the club seven strong innings but Hector Neris and Brandon Workman couldn’t hold a two run lead. Workman is a curve ball pitcher ... he was up in the zone with it and paid for it with both the game tying knock and the game winner coming against him.

At 9-14 it’s getting to be a very uphill battle to work into a playoff spot. The good thing is the opportunity is still there as the fellas will play their NL East opponents for the majority of the remaining schedule. Gotta pick up their game though else it doesn’t matter who they play.

Jean Segura played excellent defense at third base ... made a couple stellar plays.

Andrew McCutchen, Bryce Harper and JT Realmuto continue to be the offense ... spots five thru nine in the order went a collective 2 for 19 and that’s including a pinch hit in the ninth inning by Neil Walker.

The Post Game Remarks :

Joe Girardi :

He said that he had told Neris and Workman that they would be interchangeable based on matchups at back end of games. That for this game it obviously didn’t work. He said it was frustrating but the team has to go out and perform the next game. In regards to pitch selection that he trusts what was called. In regards to shifts that it’s what the numbers told them to do but again that it didn’t work in this game, they will review it and go forward. In regards to potential team meetings and what might be said ... he doesn’t share with the public what he says with or to the team, that’s not how he does things.

Zack Wheeler :

He felt good about his start, he had worked on his off speed stuff coming into the start and felt that it went well. Fastball command is something he will continue to work on. In regards to the bullpen struggles he says he knows what they are capable of and that folks need to keep their chin up. There is an urgency to win but can’t do so without having confidence in the guys who are currently struggling. When asked about whether it might effect him he said that the last thought in his head is to point fingers, the focus is on doing his job.

Brandon Workman :

He made no excuses on his performance, that he left too many curve balls up in the zone. It wasn’t the first impression he wanted to make, that he’s much better at executing pitches than what he showed in this game. He knew of how the bullpen has struggled, wasn’t thinking about that, just didn’t get the job done. Tomorrow is a new day, will be ready to do his job if asked.

Bryce Harper :

In regards to losing he said it’s tough but they needed to win games like this one, the way Wheeler pitched should have been a sure shot thing. In regards to defensive shifts ... he said they work more often than not, that he experiences that personally as a left handed hitter. The team just has to be better, have to maintain confidence in the pitchers in the bullpen, turn the page and get after it. With minimal games to play they need to go on a streak, that playing .500 for the season might also get into the playoffs. They have “three horses” at the top of the rotation and he would like their chances if they can get to the playoffs ... but have to win games to get there. He wore a t-shirt underneath his jersey to celebrate his son’s first birthday and was pleased he hit a home run ... that he loves his little boy tremendously.

Alternate Site Update :

David Robertson threw about fifteen pitches in the scrimmage game. He’s likely to throw again on Tuesday. Ranger Suarez threw about thirty five pitches ... reportedly threw well with the only blemish a double off the bat of Logan O’Hoppe.

The Phillies didn’t take a taxi squad catcher to Atlanta ... Grullon, Marchan and O’Hoppe all participated in the Allentown scrimmage. Neil Walker would be the emergency catcher on the big league roster.

Ex Phillie News :

Sixto Sanchez made his major league debut for the Marlins and earned his first major league win. I watched the game alongside the Phillies contest. Sixto’s fastball sat in the 98-100 range and he threw three equally nasty off speed pitches. He was just as animated on the hill as I remember him in the minors. The young man has fun playing the game.

Sixto went five innings, he gave up three runs, six hits including two home runs, walked none and struck out four.

Great debut for the young man ... very happy for him.

The Minor Leagues :

Did Ya Know 🤔 - 1992: The Class-A Clearwater Phillies beat the Winter Haven Red Sox 1-0 without either team recording a hit. The Phils Andy Carter beat the Sox Scott Bakkum. The only run scored on 2 walks and 2 sacrifice bunts, the second a suicide squeeze.


Ya all are aware there is no minor league baseball this year. I really miss watching the young kids at Carpenter Complex.

But, happy to say, there will be a 5th Annual Phillies Minor League Digest, A Special Historical Edition. Focus will be on all of the the minor league teams in Phillies history. Larry Shenk, former PR executive with the Phillies, is joining the effort. Plan to have the new book available early next year. As in the past four years it will be available on

Book Phun Phact

The Phillies first minor league team was the Hazleton (PA) Mountaineers in 1934.

Let’s hope that today is a Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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