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8/9/2020 : Post Game Thoughts

I’ve been granted access by the Phillies to listen to the pre and post game media recordings. I don’t have the privilege of asking questions ... haven’t reached that status of respect 🤦‍♂️ or capabilities I suppose 🤷‍♂️.

So ... haven’t been sure what to do with the material in regards to sharing with my limited audience 🤔.

Here’s what I’ve come up with ... a “highlights” recap of who was interviewed and what they said ... here goes ... this is from last night ...

Joe Girardi :

The skipper said that Jake Arrieta has been extremely impressive in his first two starts. The unhindered ( he’s healthy ) ability to pinpoint and throw his sinker and slider has him excited on what Arrieta is capable of doing the balance of the season.

Joe also touched on the abilities of Jay Bruce to be a difference maker in the lineup as a very productive hitter. He remembered what Jay did last year for the Phillies after he was acquired. When asked which game Spencer Howard would pitch today he said he was waiting to see what the Braves are doing but thought that Velasquez would start game one as of the time of the interview.

Jake Arrieta :

Jake said everything is coming out of his hand much crisper and that he has the capability to throw his breaking ball without worrying about his elbow. He feels that he can maintain his performance, pitch to contact and be effective. His release point is coming out of the same slot unhindered on all of his pitches.

Jay Bruce :

Jay said he feels good playing defense in the outfield and that he got a good read on the hard line drive that was he ran down in the game that he was very confident of catching it off the bat. He talked about JT Realmuto’s professionalism as both a defender and hitter and that it’s great to play with him. He also said the club is a good group and would be very welcoming to newcomers ... with Spencer Howard debuting today he said the team would treat the young man with respect to try to make him comfortable as they do all of their group.

Bryce Harper :

Bryce credited outfield coach Paco Figueroa for constantly working with him on his defense ... that the coach has instilled in the outfielders to go hard after every ball. He said he saw the ball off the bat on the diving catch and knew he could get to it.

When asked about Spencer Howard he said that Spence has plus plus stuff and that if he just stays within himself and doesn’t try to do more than that he’s gonna be fine today ... he acknowledged that nerves are always in play, especially in debuts but that he’s confident Howard will do well.

As a bonus here’s the batting order for today’s first game :

Haseley LF

Hoskins 1B

Harper RF

Gregorius SS

Segura 3B

Bruce DH

Walker 2B

Quinn CF

Knapp C

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️


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