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9/12/2020 : Minor League Baseball

Excerpts from Baseball America :

With Pat O’Connor announcing his retirement effective this December one has to wonder how it aligns to the future management of Minor League Baseball ( MiLB ) as proposed by Major League Baseball.

MiLB has operated independently since 1903 with the only agreement with Major League Baseball being MLB’s absorption of the payroll costs of the players and coaches. That appears to be changing after the Professional Baseball Agreement ends.

If MLB’s proposal is adopted they will take over governance and the day to day operations of Minor League Baseball. In essence a franchise arrangement for minor league owners.

Highlights of the Proposal

While Minor League teams would continue to pay an 8.5 % ticket tax the per-level fees currently paid to the MiLB National Office would be eliminated as would League assessments and shared expenses. MLB would absorb all the services and fees of the present MiLB National Office and individual league offices.

National rights such as sponsorship, broadcasting, licensing and digital would be granted to MLB but MLB would split the revenues conveyed by those right 50-50 with the minor league clubs. Local selling rights to all would be retained by each minor league team.

“MLB would be responsible for handling scheduling, umpire assignments and development, league governance, dispute resolution and the many other day-to-day tasks that MiLB and individual league offices provide.

MLB’s proposal does include a minor league executive council which would have representatives from MLB as well as minor league owners. The executive council would have significant power to drive rules changes for the minors, but it would be in an advisory role. It would make recommendations for adoption by the MLB commissioner’s office, but the commissioner’s office would have final decision-making authority.

The system would also mandate improvements that directly impact minor league players and coaches. In the MLB-run proposal, the requirements for quality of travel and hotel accommodations would be increased.

Under MLB’s plan, capital improvements at MiLB parks paid for by MLB teams would be permitted. MLB clubs also could become minority investors in teams. Those two aspects could be linked, as it is conceivable that MLB teams would in some cases fund facility improvements (which benefit the MLB club’s minor leaguers and allow the minor league club to be in compliance with facility standards) and in return receive an equity share in the minor league team.”

Items in Quotes from Baseball America article written by JJ Cooper

One caveat for players ...

There’s already consensus that minimum salaries will be increased in 2021 ...

Rookie Level players will receive $ 400 per week in season

Class A players will receive $ 500 per week in season

Under the current agreement the minimum for both levels is $290 per week

Double A players will receive $ 600 per week ( up from the current $350/wk)

Triple A players will receive $ 700 per week ( up from the current $502/wk)

There are no restrictions on teams paying more than the minimums.

The current Minor League Professional Baseball Agreement expires on September 30, 2020 ... only 18 more days to settle on a new deal.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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