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9/21/2020 : 2020 Richie Ashburn/David Montgomery Award winner

This past weekend the winner of the most prestigious internal annual award the Phillies present was announced. The Richie Ashburn and David Montgomery Special Achievement Award goes annually to the Phillies employee who demonstrates the same loyalty, passion and dedication to the club as the awards namesakes.

This year‘s award recipient is Tom Burgoyne ... the longtime Phanatic’s “best friend“. Tom began wearing the big green suit back in 1989 serving as the backup Phanatic Representative thru the 1993 season. In 1994 he became the primary Phillie Phanatic Entertainment Representative and has been delighting Phillies fans for over thirty years !

“The Phanatic never gets down and never has a bad day ... even when the team is down. We can learn a lot from him.” Burgoyne said in a 2015 interview. He and his two backup Phanatic Representatives attend hundreds of events each year.

The Phillie Phanatic is widely acclaimed as one of sports best mascots.  In 2002, the Phillie Phanatic was included in baseball’s Hall of Fame and is currently part of a permanent exhibit in Cooperstown.

Burgoyne is also an accomplished author, co host of a Phillies podcast with John Brazer and has been a successful speaker for many years in the Delaware Valley. He is very deserving of the award and truly epitomizes the “loyalty, passion and dedication“ to the Phillies that Mr. Ashburn and Mr. Montgomery lived and displayed daily.

I have the good fortune to occasionally correspond with Tom and sent him a congratulatory note ... he responded “Thanks, Steve. To win an award named after Whitey and David is very humbling. Hope to see you in February !“ That’s the Phanatic for ya, always looking forward and thinking of us fans ... a huge congrats to Mr. Burgoyne for an honor well deserved !

Here‘s a list of the Ashburn/Montgomery Award winners :

1998 - Pete Cera

1999 - Paul Owens

2000 - Ray Krise

2001 - Eddie Ferenz

2002 - Maje McDonnell

2003 - Larry Shenk

2004 - Christine Long

2005 - Mike DiMuzio

2006 - Kathy Killian

2007 - Kurt Funk

2008 - Richard Deats

2009 - Dan Stephenson

2010 - Dan Goroff

2011 - Jerry Clothier

2012 - Rob Holliday

2013 - Bettyanne Robb

2014 - Chris Wheeler

2015 - James Rodriquez

2016 - Michael Stiles

2017 - Chris Pohl

2018 - Lee McDaniel

2019 - Dickie Noles

2020 - Tom Burgoyne

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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