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9/22/23 : Five Levels in one season - Orion Kerkering

1990 was the first year that the High A classification was separated and made distinct from Class A in the minor leagues.  By doing so it established four levels of minor league full season classification; Triple A, Double A, High A and Low A.

Orion Kerkering pitched at each level this season and is now on the major league roster which prompted my curiosity - I wondered if any Phillies player had ever played at each minor league level and in the big leagues all in one season before 🤷‍♂️.  So using baseball reference I went on a mission.

Lefty reliever Mario Hollands pitched at all four minor league levels in 2012 however did not reach the major leagues that season, his sole big league season was in 2014.   So based upon my research when Orion Kerkering makes his big league debut this season he will become the first Phillies player to play at all four full season minor league levels and in the major leagues in the same season since the distinction was made in 1990.

Just some useless intel 🤓.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Photos by Cheryl Pursell, George Youngs Jr, Michael Dolcemoscolo and Rebecca Alexander

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