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9/5/2020 : Happy Days ... Happy Baseball ⚾️

It’s great to see the Phillies playing really good baseball once again with winning results ... being the victors in ten of their last eleven contests has pushed their record to 19-15 which is one of the five best marks in the National League at this point.

The team has a plus 14 run differential after 34 games played. It’s ironic that the 2018 and 2019 Phillies had the exact same record in their first thirty four games .... 2018 Phillies: 19-15 (+26 run differential) and 2019 Phillies 19-15 (+16). The 1980 and 2008 Phillies were also 19-15 after 34 games played. 🤔 Of course the difference being that this is a 60 game season and having a winning record with 26 games remaining is a far greater advantage than with 128 left to go.

If this year’s club can play .500 baseball the rest of the way it would seem very realistic that 32 wins would be well enough to secure one of the eight National League playoff berths this season.

The remaining schedule has six left with the Mets ( 3 home, 3 away ), two with the Red Sox ( at home ), seven with the Marlins ( all in Miami from 9/10 to 9/14 including two doubleheaders ), four with the Blue Jays ( all at CBP with one DH - Jays as home team ), four with the Nationals ( all in DC including one DH) and three with the Rays to end the season in Tampa.

That schedule is challenging ... 26 games in 23 days with 17 of the contests on the road. It will be a true test for the club in a season and year that has tested us all. Perhaps a fitting representation of the year that’s been 2020. 🤦‍♂️

Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve discontinued with my game recaps ... as an old ballplayer who’s superstitious it seems that when I stopped writing those the club did much better so I must continue in that path else risk a jinx 🤪.

Some other notes :

The rules for Taxi Squad players for MLB home games have been altered a bit ... you may have noticed Rafael Marchan in the bullpen at CBP. Taxi squad catchers are now allowed for home games as well as away contests, they don’t have to be on the 40 man roster either to serve in the role. It’s good for Rafael as it gets him some extra dollars and continued exposure to the major league staff.

The Phillies are working on the parameters for holding a Fall Instructs camp for selected minor leaguers at Carpenter Complex. The earliest date allowable for such camp is 9/18. There will be strict Covid-19 safety protocols ... no fans will be allowed to attend. The club must submit a comprehensive plan to MLB and have it approved regarding the expected number of participants, housing, meals, security, etc. before invitations are extended to players and coaches. There may be games against other clubs but that’s also still to be resolved. I’d expect that the new draft picks and free agent signings will be amongst the list of invitees. Btw I won’t be allowed to attend either at this point ... even if I were considered a member of the press ... just sayin ... no outside attendance permitted.

This coming week I’m gonna put out a few articles on the upcoming off season and decisions to be made ... Rule 5 first time eligibles, where the Phillies stand on payroll parameters and a few discussion notes on potential minor league roster placements for 2021.

Congrats to the DSL Academy players and coaches who’ve just completed their senior year of education ... it’s a huge accomplishment for Victor Diaz, Robinson Martinez, Johan Rojas, Ronny Ramirez, Dalvin Rosario and Feliberto Sanchez ! Congrats gents !

The new book continues to progress ... I think it’s gonna be a winner !

It’s got the makings of a fun 23 day run for our club ... let’s hope and cheer in accord that it turns out with a playoff spot for the fellas !

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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